Is President Buhari’s Integrity Overrated?


This thing called integrity is the most powerful weapon of mass distraction General Muhammadu Buhari’s point men used to win most supporters’ hearts in 2015. Yes, their intangible but lethal missile got us at our very point of our need as a nation. We had then really needed a man of integrity, a good Nigerian indeed in whom there was no guile. We wanted a clean and strong vesselwho could rescue us from the years the locusts had eaten at least up to that point. And most of us found a man we could trust in the lanky General from Daura. And in March, 2015, the election agency we all believed said he (PMB) defeated the then incumbent President, Goodluck Jonathan who also meekly joined the nation in congratulating Mr. Integrity who trounced him to the delight of many.

But is appears that barely two and half years after the election, the arrogant illiterate of the 21st century around ‘the man of integrity’ are making most of us to have a rethink that the integrity of the taciturn former head of state may have been massively overrated after all, just as Collin J. Browne, an organisational culture expert, noted in a 2015 classic titled, “Integrity is massively overrated”.

Meanwhile, the concept of “the illiterate of the 21st century” is not original to me too. It is to Alvin Toffler I have quoted several times here. The sociologist and writer on organization development and leadership says, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn”. There is a sense in which one can claim today that there are some influential men around the presidential palace in Abuja who are neither learning, nor unlearning and relearning but are busy inspiring the spirit of errors that are making us to doubt the integrity we once perceived in President Buhari. Or is there another sense in which we can be made to believe that an undisclosed ailment in a man in power can erode integrity? It is better to allow the answer to this last question to blow in the wind for now.

Yes, this thing called Integrityis a serious subject that we are beginning to reduce to a buzzword. It is much more. And we need it more than ever before to rebuild the very broken walls of the most populous black nation on earth. That is why it is sad that the president and his men are making us to believe in the thesis of Browne that,“integrity can be massively overrated”, after all. How can we be reporting irregularities in the oil industry, in the state oil corporation, a notorious the citadel of corruption when Mr. Integrity is in power? We will return to this question presently.

Many of us today view integrity as an ancient idea that is either expendable or no longer applicable in an age of moral relativism. Just as honesty is essential for trust and trust is essential for any healthy relationship and for the ability to lead, so integrity is essential to becoming trustworthy.
It appears that our leaders are becoming more and more unworthy of our trust. And that is why there is so much restiveness in the society and constant recourse to rule of man as the laws that the men in power make are no longer able to ruleus anymore.

It has been written that if you can’t trust someone in all areas, you can’t trust them in any. Whenever we betray a trust, we compromise our integrity. Integrity is a prerequisite to credibility. Dr. Steven C. Riser, a scholar and cleric who believes that, “Integrity is the key to character and the cure for inconsistency” says, “it involves an inner sense of wholeness, which results from being consistently honest and morally upright”. Integrity is crucial in all aspects of life: professional, personal, social and spiritual.

What is this thing called Integrity?
Among other definitions, Webster describes integrity as “soundness of moral character.” Integrity from a biblical viewpoint has to do with being morally sound. What does it mean to be morally sound? A person with integrity knows what is important to God and consistently lives in light of what is important to Him.

Dr. Riser argues thatintegrity involves more than living our values; it involves subscribing to God’s values and with His help learning to conform our conduct to those values”.

And thus, this thing called Integrity is like the foundation of a house: if it is unstable, the entire house may come apart when it comes under pressure.Experts on this ethical thing say Integrity is not determined by circumstances, based on credentials and is not to be confused with reputation. A person with the integrity of heart is a morally and spiritually healthy individual.

Remarkably, Dr. Riser again believes that a person’s reputation is only the shadow of his character – in some cases the shadow (reputation) may appear larger or smaller than the actual height (character) of the person. A good reputation may or may not be an accurate reflection of a person’s character. A good reputation is as good as gold but a person with integrity owns the gold mine. If you take care of your character and become a person of integrity, your reputation will take care of itself.

Integrity has to do with a sense of consistency between a person’s inner values and attitudes and his outward words and actions. The more consistent we are, the higher the degree of integrity we possess. A good biblical example of integrity is Daniel (5:13-17). Daniel’s values, words and actions were thoroughly consistent. You can’t put a price tag on integrity because genuine integrity is not for sale.

What is more, Integrity helps us know what to expect from others. The more consistent a person is, the more confidence we have in how they will act in the future. An unpredictable leader suggests that they are not making decisions on the basis of deeply held values but on how they may feel at the moment. It is hard, if not impossible, to trust such people. People will only trust those who have proved themselves to be trustworthy.
According to my teacher on this, Dr. Riser, the common denominator in all these different forms of a lack of integrity is simply: inconsistency. Yes, inconsistency is what we are beginning to notice in Abuja, our Abuja where “economic men” are confusing us about presidential integrity that we may need again soon.

It should be noted that we all have values we live by whether we are conscious of them or not. Our values energize our motives that drive our actions. People with high integrity have high values and live by them consistently. This is confirmed by an ancient word that is ever so true in Proverbs 10.9, which says,“He who walks in integrity walks securely, but he who perverts his ways will be found out.”

Now I know, this thing called Integrityis so crucial to nation building, which is whyanother cleric, O.S Hawkins warns all good men who want to want to build nations and men to wear it (Integrity) as an apparel. He counsels: “Integrity– Don’t Leave Home Without It”.
According to Hawkins, this thing called Integrity is the single most important trait of one who desires to truly make a difference in our culture and world today.

Curiously, there are those who believe that intellect, yes brainpower is it! After all, knowledge is power and many believe that the most important thing they can have in addressing the culture is intellect. Someone else might say intensity, a spirit of conquest, a passion that is contagious. Still others might say it is insight. That is, good old common sense and the ability to see through issues and use discernment.

However, in the long run there’s one word,there is only one thing, which describes the single most important characteristic of one who finishes strongly and makes a lasting difference in the midst of a culture. The word is integrity. Now, more than ever, it is what our world needs. And I am still persuaded that we were not wrong in 2015 when we chose Integrity as our leading light, our weapon to drive away the locusts that were eating our tomorrow so voraciously.

But it is time to tell the president the whole truth, easily the most powerful force on earth. It is time to tell him that some people are beginning to feel betrayed because of the sleazy things that are beginning to happen in the government he presides over.

There are a few of them we can contextualize, in this regard. It should be noted that Integrity of a leader is quite challengedwhen on a day a major newspaper wrote an editorial on,“President Buhari’s parochial appointments” and the same president made more parochial appointments in the education sector alone.

Sadly, this trend continuestill date in a complex federation most people are clamouring should be restructured. A president’s integrity is questionable when he arbitrarily dissolved some Universities’ Governing Councils, sacked Vice Chancellors and appointed new ones contrary to the extant laws governing the institutions. And the integrity of a leader would become more challenged when he regretted his action but failed to respect the laws and reverse his decision. The integrity of a leader will not go unchallenged when Fulani herdsmen kill farmers and destroy farmlands with deadly weapons in some parts of the country and they (herdsmen) go scot-free. There is an ethical challenge in a leadership of a complicated federation that will condone toxic quit notices by some young politicians from a section of a country while other open freedom fighters from another section are declared terrorists.

What is worse, the integrity of a leader who was elected on the strength of his perceived integrity to deal with graft in the state oil corporation will be eroded when corruption stories begin to emerge copiously from the same state oil firm. No doubt, integrity question will emerge when a president nominates an anti-corruption chief executive to a confirming authority according to the law, and the same president condones his intelligence chief’s damning letter to the same confirming authority saying the president’s nominee is corrupt and incompetent. This is a conundrum in Nigeria’s complicated presidency.

But as we continue with this conversation on integrity, we should also reflect on the other issue raised here last week that,“elections have consequences”. And so, those who have knowledge, passion, intensity, gift of the gab, and war chest but have little or no integrity should not be allowed to even apply to lead us from 2019. Reason? In this new world that social media rules with artificial intelligence, we are likely to confuse unethical candidates’ efficiency with effectiveness, expediency with priority, imitation with innovation, cosmetics with character or even their pretence with competence. And that will be another tragic error!
By Martins Oloja

My Work Is Deeply Rooted In Potent Spirituality … Inspired Beyond My Human Capacity In Wisdom, Knowledge And Understanding. SMART MADU AJAJA

When you meet him, it would not take long before you feel the advocacy spirit in him.

MR SMART MADU AJAJA, a Nigerian born American, native of Abavo in Ika South Local Government of Delta state is one man who believes that there is so much overhauling needed to be done within the political sector in Nigeria.

He is so passionate about achieving positive change in Nigeria that he has decided to leave the comfort of his home in the United States of America where he has lived for over 3 decades to come swim in the turbulent waters of politics in Nigeria where he hopes to bring about the much desired change by his people.

Recently,   Publisher of The Campaigner Online, a political online magazine sought him out to hear from him what he has to offer differently from others.


 The Campaigner: It’s nice to meet you sir

SMART:  Thank you for your interest in chatting with me. I am humbled and highly honored to have been found worthy of this encounter with your media outlet.

The Campaigner:  We seem to be hearing a lot about you and your advocacy for positive change over these past years. What’s it all about

SMART:  I was born two years after the Nigerian Independence and had an opportunity of seeing a Nigeria that was turbulent but filled with promises which progressively evaporated because of a serialized injustice and tragic failure of leadership which reached a dangerous crescendo in the sixteen years prior to 2015, when Nigerians in a historic show of patriotism voted out the ruling party during the time under review.

This and many other anomalies that complicated issues have been my source of inspiration and the need to contribute my quota to redressing them through advocacy and calls to action in my lifetime as the rent I must pay for my tenancy on earth before I sign off.

The Campaigner:  Please give us an insight into your background, your advocacy work and experiences generally

SMART:  I describe myself as an Abavo-born Ika-tribed Anioma-proud Bendel-brewed US-based Nigerian, Human and environmental rights activist. I was born in June 1962 to two common hardworking and incredible parents and community leaders, Mr. and Mrs. Ohu Augustine and Ajuwe Grace Ajaja from the Ogbe-Obi quarters of Abavo.

Please oblige me a minute to provide your audience with a brief background information about my late parents and why I am the person I have become today.

My late dad, Ohu Augustine Ajaja was a courageous workaholic grassroot organizer that was highly respected for his endowment with analytical and strategic thinking, planning and execution capabilities in his lifetime, in addition to being the all-time greatest Abavo Royal trumpeter whose melodious trumpet was the only sound that could move the Obi of Abavo to dance without getting tired during the Igue festival, and also one of the greatest farmers to have come out of Abavo, with laurels to his credit in Agricultural shows organized at various times in the Old Midwest state which later became Bendel state.

My late Mom, Ajuweh Grace Ajaja, nee Olokor was a fierce vocal human and environmental rights activist whose influence cut across customary, political and social strata and who did not allow her deficiency in western education to impede her capacity-building and utilization capabilities especially in the areas of organizing men and women for action in trying times, and her advocacy for social and environmental justice.

Her last major and historically successful outing before she went into retirement was against Julius Berger PLC’s attempt to pollute the Abavo river with their toxic waste after they allegedly paid off the late James Ajeh Okunbor who was illegitimately crowned by a corrupt conclave of royal renegades and Abavo’s elitist brigands a few years earlier, specifically in 1991 with the dynastic name of Irenuma I as the Obi of Abavo.

These two astute parents of ours were exceptionally conscious, moralistic, passionate and compassionate, brutally honest, hardworking, community service and purpose-driven, and demonstrated incredible obsession for service to others and community in addition to advocating same to all those that came in direct contact with them that you couldn’t have been anything else if you lived under them as their own children or as extended family members.

I don’t enjoy talking about my certificates anymore as a way of registering my disgust for the comatose state of the public education system in Nigeria which is scandalously horrendous in Delta State today where public schools have been reduced to centers of learning everything but literacy, and which accounts for one of the reasons I am aspiring to be in the Senate from the Delta North Senatorial District to inspire a change through a piece of a precision-guided legislation that would translate into an actionable educational policy for a holistic redress of the unacceptable condition in Nigeria.

Therefore, I posit that I am more inspired than being educated the wrong way because if I had accepted to be miseducated the way of today, I would be a damn fool that would accept rice, beans, environmentally-toxic Chinese-made Okada and generators as empowerment the way most youths of today think.

As a professional, I am a registered nurse with practice licenses in Nigeria, South Africa and the United States of America, with deep experience in General, Orthopedic, Industrial, Correctional and Oncology Nursing, and I have had the rare opportunity of working at the thoracic Oncology unit of MD Anderson Cancer Hospital, the globally-acclaimed best cancer Hospital of the world which is the medical branch of the University of Texas.

After reading the above, I expect Nigerians and, our  Anioma audience to come away with the impression of me as a man who was put in the service grill for today right from birth and still unraveling.

Every member of my family is an advocate for something especially against injustice of any shape, color and dimension regardless of perpetrators and their statures and statuses, but I happen for some inexplicable reasons to be the most vocal, harnessing the voice of the rest as a whole in furtherance of the work of our astute late parents, deploying novel innovations made possible by the 21st century technological advancements coupled with my berthing in an environment that gave me the opportunity I needed to express myself and expand my capabilities without hindrances.

The synergy of unconditional and limitless love in my family where any member’s success is applauded and recognized as the success for all has been very instrumental to the success of my advocacy work which started very early in life in a family that has had its fair share of trials, tribulations and later, triumphs on a journey that at a time appeared to be destined for the abyss.

My work is deeply rooted in potent spirituality and so, for the most part inspired beyond my human capacity in wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

The Royal ascendancy fraud executed against Abavo and the Abavo people by a group of hateful royal renegades who acted in tandem with the Abavo’s corrupt and morally bankrupt political elites at the time in 1991 when I was a nobody living in Kano registered so deeply in my brain and bones that I couldn’t believe that something as wicked and as horrendous as that could happen at Abavo in my lifetime with hardly anybody including those who knew the truth standing up to challenge it.

I realized once I was deep in the struggle to undo the fraud that my frustration above was a prophetic spiritual implant infused in me to ensure that the fraud would not stand the test of time with me as the lead anchor with the voice needed to wake the Abavo people up for its redress exactly 21 years later as the people, on June 22, 2012 following a speech I made on April 8 of the same year at the 52nd Abavo Annual conference calling for action against the fraud, came together in an unprecedented historic gathering at the Olihen’s (Kingmaker’s) compound at Ekwuoma, Azun-Owa, Abavo traditionally dethroned the Irenuma dynasty that was last headed by now Mr. Uche Irenuma, a despot, cultist and a fake Muslim who was on a fast lane to turning by the force of violence, Abavo into an Islamic emirate to be populated by rogue Islamic fundamentalist groups with alleged ties to Boko Haram and Al-Queada in West Africa, looking for a safe haven to launch terrorist attacks in the Niger Delta.

Prior to the above, I have been involved in advocacy for better treatment of Africans flying in European Airlines which treat them as second-class world citizens. See link below and you will find that I was the tenth person who signed the petition that was circulated around the world.

When Obasanjo wanted to borrow One Billion Dollars from the IMF in 1999 on assumption of office as president of Nigeria, I was in the forefront of those who pressured him to kill the idea as you can see when you open this link

In 2009, I did a solo medical mission to Abavo during which I gave out free medicines and did basic baseline physical evaluation of nearly four thousand Abavo citizens to raise awareness of the people about the dangers associated with untreated High blood pressure, Diabetes and malnutrition, and just last year when the Nigerian Government through its central Bank handed an undeserving money transfer monopoly to two exploitative foreign companies, Western Union and MoneyGram at the expense of upcoming Nigerian companies that were offering great services and good exchange rates for those who send and receive money between Nigeria and the rest of the world, I rose to the occasion challenging the obnoxious policy in a well circulated video that was watched by nearly 50,000 (fifty thousand) Nigerians within Nigeria and around the world leading to its reversal within two weeks of its release, as a result of pressures from Nigerian citizens. See link to the video

And now, I am in a political advocacy for a novel alternative to the political representation for the Anioma people at the senate using the All Progressive Congress, APC as a platform in the absence of the Independent Candidacy clause yet in the Nigerian constitution. See my declaration speech recorded on October 1, 2017

I take everything I do very seriously and pursue goals with profound sense of duty, not daunted by real or imagined threats of failures which inspire me to work even harder.

Advocacy is fun for me because it doesn’t cost me anything but the time and money I could have utilized doing some stupid things that add no value to my life or the lives of those who are in desperate needs of what I have, to live normal lives and so, I would say that it has been very rewarding regardless of some costly prices I have had to pay for being who and what I am.

 The Campaigner:  You talk so much about bad leadership in Nigeria, do you think the situation is as bad as you make it seem

SMART:  You can ask me that again and again and my answer will be the same again and again. Nigeria is a horrendous victim of a worsening serial chronic tragic failure of leadership at all levels involving everybody as victims and as culprits. That is how bad it is.

The Campaigner:  What does good leadership mean to you

SMART:  A leadership that is transparent and accountable, purpose-driven, goal-oriented, sensitive and sensible, responsible and futuristic, open and accessible, dependable and reliable and responsive to the needs of its people without compromising standards is apt to me as a good leadership and when you have a leadership that operates within the confines of the above fundamental principles, citizens don’t ask too many questions about its sincerity because nearly everything they need to know is at their disposal. This is what Nigeria desperately needs NOW.

The Campaigner:   How do you rate the political system in Nigeria, and If you are asked to evaluate the political system in Nigeria, what will your analysis be

SMART:  The Nigerian political system is a huge joke because it is logo and slogan-driven but lacking in any defined ideological base and depth.

There is hardly anything to evaluate or analyze about a warped political system that runs on corruption and driven by mostly morally bankrupt men and violent touts lacking in abilities, competence and good contents of character with Nigeria’s stolen money that have been holding the people in captivity with slave chains and shackles encapsulated in their power-liquidating empowerment that has become so virally popular among the people, their victims.

To be very candid, why are we still talking about and practicing Federal character and rotational allocation of political offices even with the pulsating and damaging effects of the devastations they have brought upon the nation and its future, its capacity-building and utilization capabilities, its people and their psyche instead of running an open system that guarantees access to opportunities and prosperity?

In conclusion, the Nigerian Political system as it stands now is a mass murderer of those with competence, abilities and appropriate content of character who ought to be in charge of building and utilizing capacity for all including the mediocre that it unfortunately elevates and celebrates to the detriment of the whopping majority of Nigerians.

The Campaigner:   What do you think should be done differently

SMART:  The answer to most of Nigeria’s pressing problems rests squarely and roundly on destroying its obnoxious genocidal Federal Character policy and opening Nigeria up for bona fide business for her to march towards greatness and true nationhood.

For me, I will put my American experience and my understanding and access to the working of the United States to the best use for Nigeria if I can break into Nigeria with the help of true Nigerian patriots and the whopping underserved people of Nigeria who must not be held in captivity by their own system beyond now and longer than necessary. That’s my biggest prayer to God and I am confident that it will come to pass like many of my prayers before now.

The Campaigner:   What is your real ideology of who a representative of the people should be and what they Should stand for

SMART:  A representative should be, open to the people and innovative ideas, transparent and accountable, corrupt-free, passionate and compassionate, sensitive and sensible, responsive and responsible, available and dependable and above all, should be ready to lead always and from any and everywhere he may find himself, with even hands and without compromising standards.

The Campaigner:   What do you think is fundamentally wrong with leadership in Nigeria

SMART:  Most people have no clear understanding of what leadership means beyond the inordinate capital gains they build out of it at the expense of the country and her mostly unconscious citizens. Majority of those leading Nigeria now at all levels are unprepared, ill-prepared or half-prepared hustlers who have no business being in leadership positions and public service which in real collective sense is a moral and spiritual call to the service of humanity that is reserved for only endowed men and women of higher consciousness with the callings to such duty.

Leadership in Nigeria should no more be in the hands of clueless, plan less, selfish, greedy and rudderless corrupt elitist touts, crooks, locusts and brigands who are united by a bankrupt ideology to destroy the nation, its economy, its national security and its future and the future of unborn generations of their compatriots.

You will be in shock to know that most of the men and women at the state and National Assemblies have no idea about the definition of Government, the separation of powers and the principles of checks and balances talk-less about their application in the working of Government.  So, when you have these kinds of people as leaders, you don’t expect anything beyond sharing the money meant for executing capital projects.

The Campaigner:   Politicians are in the habit of blowing their trumpets in the area of charity especially whenever elections are around the corner, empowerment programs begin to spring up from various quarters, what’s your opinion on this

SMART:  It is a sad commentary on the Nigerian democracy that it runs on everything but issues-based ideologies that address the challenges facing the nation and its citizens or advance the cause for progress and prosperity and improved living conditions of the people and their nation. I have developed a kind of phobia and allergy for the world “Empowerment” because it has been so bastardized by scandalously corrupt Nigerian politicians and their stone- blind and deaf victims who wage violent wars against those including me that point them in the directions of the consequences of selling their votes, enslaving and putting themselves in captivity and squandering their future for nauseating squalid pittances for the benefits of their oppressors and captors whom they celebrate with fanfare to high heavens.

The Campaigner:   Reports has it that in your community Abavo in Delta North, you have accomplished an uneasy feat in the area of philanthropy yet not much is heard about this in the public

SMART:  I know. The reason I don’t advertise my charity work stems from my disgust for the fraudulent empowerment schemes politicians put together to enslave our people in front of cameras.

The empowerments anybody gets from a politician is a huge slave shackle that takes his or her voices and rights to call such a politician to account because of the reverse moral imprisonment and effects accepting that baited gift brings upon the conscience and psyche of the recipient.

Please pardon my sometimes out of the world views on issues, but that is the truth, and that is Smart Madu Ajaja in a straight talk.

The Campaigner:  As the political year draws closer, what should we be expecting from Smart Madu Ajaja

SMART:  Over the course of the past seven years since I came into the public domain of Nigeria, I I have painfully observed that a whopping majority of Nigerians including the elites have no idea about what their basic human rights are because they don’t read or have the hunger to read or request for their own individual reference copies of the Nigerian constitution that could become handy when they are challenged with constitutional issues that require clarity of interpretation.

This generalized state of sleepless unconsciousness in Nigeria is one reason the rights of Nigerians are subjects of flagrant abuse by the mostly ignorant members of the mostly corrupt money-sharing political class at all levels and so, I will speak relentlessly on this nagging national malaise, hoping to rouse the consciousness of the people in the direction of recognizing that they have rights, and the need for them to assert those rights in accordance with the provisions of the constitution of Nigeria.

The Nigerian people and in particular, those from the Delta North Senatorial District aka Anioma  that I aspire to represent at the Senate should expect to see, feel and hear me as I unravel to reinforce the message of hope and positive vibrations anchored on traditional, socioeconomic and environmental justice that I have been sharing with them since 2012 when I announced my presence with a historic speech on April 8 of that year at the 52nd Annual General Conference of the Abavo people to which I was for inexplicable reason invited and at which I called for legitimate actions necessary to undo the Royal Ascendancy fraud that put their Ancient Royal crown twice on the wrong heads in two quick successions in 1991 and again in 1997, and using the social media especially Facebook from the USA, a distant ten thousand miles away from Nigeria to inspire my ever vibrant and ever dependable Abavo compatriots especially from among the youths population to bankrupt and bring down the illegitimately odious Irenuma dynasty that became a metastatic malignant cancer requiring a surgical excision in their over 1000 years of history three months later in a near unanimous popular revolt which the Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta state and a color party of corrupt politicians from Abavo and beyond tried to torpedo with a brute force to no avail.

Today, the good people of Abavo no more worry about being taunted, harassed and assaulted by gangsters, urchins and cultists wielding illegally acquired firearms apparently who enjoyed unconstitutional immunity from the Uduaghan-led Delta state Government at the time against arrest by the police.

I have an expansive but attainable vision between now and 2019 to change the subject of the discourse in Nigerian politics from the slave trading of Nigerians at the corrupt Nigerian Political stock exchange market to issues-driven political debates that would remove the chains, shackles and strangleholds on the people and put them on the path of access to socioeconomic freedom, opportunities and prosperity and therefore, core issues of interest that I will be hammering on include;

  • Healthcare
  • Education with emphasis on public education
  • Economy
  • Administration of justice
  • Corruption
  • Unemployment
  • Gender repression
  • Human trafficking and youths’ migration
  • Power
  • Infrastructural development
  • National security
  • The environment
  • Niger Delta
  • The care of the Physically and mentally challenged Nigerian population


The Campaigner: Thank you for your time sir.

SMART: The pleasure is mine.

BREAKING NEWS: Kachikwu Met Only Aides, Not Buhari During Aso Rock visit On Friday- Sources

Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Ibe Kachikwu did not meet President Muhammadu Buhari in person during his much-reported visit to the Presidential Villa in Abuja last Friday, SaharaReporters has learned.

Sources said Mr. Kachikwu only met Buhari’s State House Chief of Protocol, who reportedly handed some documents to the Minister relating to an investigation involving his brother, Dumebi Kachikwu, and a woman named Simbo Ayinde.

Our presidency source stated that if Buhari met Kachikwu, photographs would have been released to that effect, asked that there might be photos our source noted if any photographs existed it was just possibly a photo op to fool Nigerians that any solid meeting took place between Buhari and troubled Kachikwu.

According to the documents, Ms. Ayinde reportedly wired funds into Dumebi’s account in 2015 during the Minister’s tenure as the Group Managing Director of Nigeria’s National Petroleum Corporation.

An EFCC report describing that transaction in detail had been available to President Buhari, who reportedly met the Minister over the scam, with Mr. Kachikwu flatly denying any involvement.

SaharaReporters has also learned that the National Crime Agency of the United Kingdom recently indicated an interest in quizzing Kachikwu over the bribes which had been paid into his brother’s account after they reportedly found that the younger Kachikuwu funneled those funds to the Minister’s credit card accounts.

Our investigation shows that President Buhari was planning to fire Kachikwu, but was restrained because of the Minister’s role in helping to calm Niger Delta militants who were at the time blowing up pipelines.

Presidency sources told SaharaReporters that Kachikwu decided to leak his memo through People’s Democratic Party sources after his lawyers in the UK learned he was being monitored by the NCA. Thereafter, he appears to have chosen to go under the radar, switching off his phones and speaking only through third parties.

On the other hand, the Buhari cabal at the villa, led by Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari and Buhari’s powerful cousin, Mamman Daura, who are said to be solidly behind Maikanti Baru, the NNPC Group Managing Director, in his determination to whittle down Kaichukwu’s influence.

For instance, last Friday, the same day Buhari refused to meet Kachikwu, they had Baru attend Jumaat prayers with the President. They also decided that Baru should go all out to debunk all the concerns Kachikwu raised in the leaked memo, which is exactly what the GMD did this morning, audaciously asserting that he does not need NNPC’s board approvals for actions he took on companies chosen for crude oil lifting. Kachikwu reportedly recommended four of the companies that were chosen by Baru.

Last week Thursday, Senate President Bukola Saraki was brought into the matter by members of the cabal led by Isah Funtua, who met with Mr. Saraki at a guest house to discuss how best to stay with Baru in his fight.

Saraki reportedly told them that Baru had been uncooperative by letting one go of the companies he nominated to lift crude during Mr. Kachikwu’s time at the NNPC. The Senate had been swift in demanding an investigation of Baru after Kachikwu’s letter was leaked.  Sources told SaharaReporters that the cabal assured Saraki he will be taken care of by the NNPC in subsequent awards.

Source: Sahara Reporters




It is very unfortunate that the Public Affairs Division led by Mr. Ndu Ughamadu the Group General Manager would take up time to portray loyalty to his boss to protect his job but ended up communicating absolute rubbish in the public space.

In his write-up, he wrote that the law and the rules do not require a review or discussion with the Minister of State or the NNPC board on contractual matters “what is required is the processing and approval of contracts by NNPC tenders Board, the President in his executive capacity as or Petroleum Minister as the case may be”. There are therefore situation where all that is required is the approval of the NNPC Tenders Board, while, in other cases, based on the threshold, the award must be submitted for the presidential approval. Likewise in some instances, it is FEC approval that is required.

By reading this type of submission only confirms that Mr. Ndu Ughamadu must be protecting his job as Group General Manager Public Affairs Division but very unfortunately shows that he is either a highly corrupt staff of NNPC or he is consciously trying to defend and protect the corrupt practices of his boss Mr. Baru.

From all analysis based on his position in NNPC, Mr. Ughamadu must have been working with NNPC for a very long period and must have worked under different GMDs and Honourable Ministers

My first question to this Ughamadu is to tell the Nigeria citizens how many Honourable Minister of State have been appointed since working with NNPC? For avoidance of doubt, President Buhari government the APC was the first to create this position called the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources. What entailed in the past governments were substantive Ministers.  For clarity of misrepresentation and deceit of Mr. Ndu Ughanadu’s submission, it is of worthy to remind Mr. Ughamadu that Mr. Ibe Kachikwu is your substantive Honourable Minister. By your adherence to script written appointments that are totally corrupt and indefensible, Ibe kachikwu is heading the Ministry of Petroleum Resources and represents NNPC at the FEC. For your information and correction, the President IS NOT DE FACTO MINISTER OF PETROLEUM. Mr. Baru sidelining Kachikwu to go direct to Mr. President is corruptly dancing to the planned script to sideline Kachikwu but unfortunately, he ended up exposing his total lack of professionalism. Every report to be presented at FEC for approval must go through the Ministry for accountability and due process. Going directly to Mr. President only confirms a hidden plan script because Mr. President CANNOT prepares FEC report and he cannot also defend it. The power to write and defend such contract or any other demand by NNPC falls under the purview of Mr. Ibe Kachikwu. Kindly note that this is not law but commonsense of adherence to due process.

It is very unimaginable and total lack of intellectuality for for a man of your rank in NNPC to say that contracts matters “what is required is the processing and approval of contracts by NNPC tenders Board, the President in his executive capacity as or Petroleum Minister as the case may be”. There are therefore situation where all that is required is the approval of the NNPC Tenders Board, while, in other cases, based on the threshold, the award must be submitted for the presidential approval. Likewise in some instances, it is FEC approval that is required.” Only confirms your alloyed support for irregularities and corrupt laden intentions in scuttling the supposedly due process that will at the end create transparency.

You are very much consciously aware that the President is NOT a functional Minister and your ONLY functional Minister and Chairman of NNPC Board was same Kachikwu. By virtue of being the Chairman of NNPC Board is by confirmation the Minister of Petroleum Resources. You can never sideline the Board to go direct to see the Minister no matter the ACT of NNPC that you are claiming to rely upon. Every contract has value. The GMD has his value limit of contract, the Management Board has its own value contract limit and it applies to the Board and finally the Minister. Once a contract value surpassed the Minister, it then goes to the FEC. You failed to highlight to us the contract limit of the Minister of State before jumping to the President the non-functional substantive Minister as you claimed to seek for his approval.

In every organization being it government, banks or private enterprises, the creation of management boards for the day-to-day operations are totally acceptable and known facts. Unfortunately, the management boards for any organization were not created to subvert the existence of actual Boards that you are trying to diminish their roles in NNPC.

This NNPC saga started immediately Ibe Kachikwu was appointed as the GMD of NNPC. All the Northern Emirs started agitating and protesting with series of representations to President Buhari of their displeasure to appoint a Southerner as GMD NNPC because they are very much aware that Ibe kachikwu will not be given out the handouts every month for the operations and maintenance of their palaces. The President in trying to abide by the mounting pressure from the Emirs became very tactical and decided to play a very diplomatically appointment and thus wisely created the non-existed Ministry of State Petroleum Resources as he knows that it will be very glaring to appoint a Northerner as the GMD whilst he occupies the substantive non functional Minister of Petroleum Resources a position he occupies for selfish reasons. It was very glaring of his intentions when he immediately appointed kachikwu to approbate and reprobate as Honourable Minister of State/GMD Petroleum Resources. His plans were focusing to bring in a Northerner to usurp the GMD from Kachikwu.

The Emirs immediately started to nominate core Northerners names to the Villa for the position of GMD because they knew that Kachikwu would surrender the GMD. Unfortunately for them, Mr. Baru was not a core Northerner but from Middle Belt as he was the highest placed near Northerner as GED. Unfortunately, he was not an outstanding GED based on his performance. The lobbying for him became very strong as he went round to all Emirs to solicit support. They finally achieved their objective as Ibe Kachikwu was out of the country on a service to the nation; he was unceremoniously removed as GMD. This was not the President intentions but was coarse by pressure from the Emirs. The President immediately created NNPC Board and compensated Mr. Kachikwu as the chairman of the Board NNPC but cleverly also appointed Abba Kyari as a board member to be his watchdog. This was the planned script.

When dubious games are being played to subvert due process, we sometimes out played ourselves. This is what the President did to himself because he unfortunately out played himself because the Minister of State he created became indirectly the substantive Minister. He represents the ministry at FEC and also the Chairman of NNPC Board, a position normally meant for substantive Ministers.

Every task in oil industry fell into the control of Ibe kachikwu as Buhari was not functional. Mr. Baru knows that but unfortunately must play the script given to him.

It is advisable that Mr Baru and his GGM Public Affairs remain silent and stop defending their corrupt activities because election is round the corner and no one could predict the outcome of 2019. The truth cannot be hidden forever, as huge NNPC resources are being used to support the Emir palaces in the North and we all know the terminology that says one day is for the master and several days for the servant and this one day, that truth will be opened to the public.

Please share for truth to be known

BREAKING: No Law Mandates Me To Discuss Contracts With You, Baru Replies Kachikwu

The Managing Director, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Maikanti Baru, on Monday officially responded to the recent allegations of insubordination and corruption levelled against him by the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Ibe Kachikwu.

According to the NNPC, the response was following a directive from President Muhammadu Buhari to Baru and his team, mandating them to react to the issues raised in the petition that was written by Kachikwu.

“Following the publication of alleged lack of adherence to due process in the award of NNPC contracts, the President ordered the Group Managing Director and Management of the NNPC to consider and respond expeditiously to the allegations,” the corporation said in a detailed response issued by its Group General Manager, Group Public Affairs Division, Ndu Ughamadu, in Abuja on Monday.

The oil firm stated that the substance of the allegations made by Kachikwu in a letter to the President dated 30th of August 2017, was that a number of “major contracts were never reviewed or discussed with me (Kachikwu) and the NNPC Board.”

The NNPC stated that it was “important to note from the outset that the law and the rules do not require a review or discussion with the Minister of State or the NNPC board on contractual matters.

“What is required is the processing and approval of contracts by the NNPC Tenders Board, the President in his executive capacity or as Minister of Petroleum, or the Federal Executive Council, as the case may be. There are therefore situations where all that is required is the approval of the NNPC Tenders Board while, in other cases, based on the threshold, the award must be submitted for presidential approval. Likewise, in some instances, it is FEC approval that is required.

Details later…


•  May declare for PDP soon

The push to get former Vice President Atiku Abubakar to dump the All Progressives Congress (APC) and return to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to enhance the opposition party’s bid to return to power in 2019 may have gained traction with a recent discrete meeting between him and former President Goodluck Jonathan.

The meeting said to have been held at the instance of Atiku, who was said to be seriously considering offers made to him by a section of the leadership of the opposition party to return, according to a THISDAY source, explored the desirability of the move and concluded that it would be a worthwhile political endeavour that could help terminate what both leading politicians regarded as the uninspiring rule of the APC.

THISDAY had in a recent report indicated that there were concerted efforts by some PDP leaders to bring Atiku back to the party’s fold but that he gave conditions, including an assurance that he would be given its automatic ticket to contest the 2019 presidential election.
The fresh meeting with Jonathan was said to have looked into the possibility of this condition with both of them said to have agreed that all options should be kept open as the political dynamics of the country remained fluid, requiring a more pragmatic approach to the upsurge in politicking, which the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) warned against last week.

The electoral empire’s National Chairman, Prof. Mahmud Yakubu, had cautioned politicians against political campaigns for 2019, saying the ban on electioneering was yet to be lifted in accordance with Electoral Act 2010 as amended.

But Jonathan was said to have advised Atiku to consider returning to the PDP early enough to avoid being caught by certain provisions of the party’s constitution, which stipulate a period of time a member has to spend in the party before he could be eligible to contest for a political office.

“Atiku was advised to return early to enable him to fulfil the eligibility condition in the party’s constitution and also have ample time to integrate his political structure into the PDP’s,” a source privy to the meeting said.

The source said it was made clear to Atiku that he stood a better chance to realise his ambition in the PDP than the APC since President Muhammadu Buhari looked set to be given a right of first refusal by his party’s leadership.
According to the source: “He was told to note a recent comment by the APC National Chairman, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, stating that as the incumbent, President Buhari had a right of first refusal even when the decision would have to be his.

“That has been buoyed by Kaduna State Governor Nasir el-Rufai who had practically launched Buhari’s re-election campaign.”
Referring to the reactions of the APC leadership and stalwarts to the recent declaration of support for his presidential ambition by the Minister of Women Affairs and Youth Development, Mrs Aisha Alhassan, the source said it was made clear to Atiku that there was nothing left for him in the APC and that he should just return to the PDP where he could reunite more easily with other founding fathers who were eager to rebuild the party.

THISDAY had reported exclusively in a recent report that key leaders of the PDP were in talks with Atiku over his possible return to the party he co-founded in 1998.

But the former vice president was said to have insisted on some conditions to be met before he could dump the APC for the PDP. This included an assurance that he would get the party’s presidential without a contest.

“The secret discussions are ongoing with a wing of the leadership of the PDP and this has encouraged the former vice-president to start consultations with critical leaders in the northern and southern parts of the country,” a source had told THISDAY, adding: “However, Atiku has informed the PDP leaders who have approached him to guarantee him the nomination of the party for the presidential election before he can leave the APC, as he does not want to be messed up for the third time.”

Findings had shown that several governors in the PDP, especially Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State who had also declared his presidential intention, were willing to allow Atiku return to the PDP. Party sources had claimed that Fayose would not mind positioning for the vice presidency candidacy as Atiku was a strong politician who looked ready to take over power.

Multiple sources had told THISDAY that the leadership of the PDP was comfortable with Atiku whom they believed was well liked by both northerners and southerners even as they downplayed the issue of his old age.
According to a source, the leaders believed emphasis should be placed on the state of his health rather than his age.

“We had the late President Umaru Yar’Adua who was in his mid-fifties but he had health issues which led to his demise midway into his presidency. Also, President Muhammadu Buhari had health issues which we warned against during electioneering in 2015, but it was dismissed as hate speech. “Then we have persons that are the same age or much older but are healthy and physically fit. So Nigerians should be more concerned about a person’s health than his age,” the source stated.

The source said the APC chieftain was aware of the issues surrounding his age and health and he is prepared to make his medical certificates for the last ten years public to allay any concern about his health.


We Have No Governnent And I Can’t See Any Reason Why People Should Continue To Be Involved In Electoral Exercises.



This particular spot is Ogbekenu Quarters and the picture  displayed here is a Dangote  truck loaded with cement.

The truck has been abandoned by the driver  for the past 2 Weeks and motorists can no longer use this road.

Qualitative and quantitative  data collected  finds evidence  by this empirical fact   that the political and corruptive rascalities in Nigeria   has gotten to the breaking point.

Local Government said the state is responsible while the State  is saying  the road belongs to the federal government.  The 3 Tiers of governnent  lacks correlation  and coherent communication  strategies.

PMB  won  the 2015 general elections  with his change Mantra  and promised hapless Nigerians   social inclusions.

While  BARU   the GMD of NNPC  is busy awarding contracts without following due process , Lawmakers are busy fighting for Juicy committees  and padding the budget.

Party Leaders are imposing their  candidates on the people  while delegates are busy   collecting money from Aspirants without genuine intentions to vote for them.

We have no governnent and I can’t see  any reason why people should  continue to be involved in electoral exercises. My people are really suffering .We cannot continue to fold our hands.

Arab spill should serve as a lesson and learning curves to our greedy  heartless and criminally minded  leaders .

One Day And Soon, People Will Run Out Of Energy Defending Buhari…

Please Read. One day soon some people will run out of energy defending Buhari or Buhari will run out of energy and out of breath. But something must give.

In 1977, $2.8 billion was discovered missing in the NNPC. Guess who was Minister of Petroleum?

Muhammadu Buhari.

Bukola Saraki’s father, Olusola, was the senate leader at the time and he headed the committee that was set up to trace the missing money. The money was traced to the Midland bank (U.K) fixed account of Buhari who was Minister of petroleum and head of NNPC then. The Olusola committee presented the report to the House towards end of the shagari regime BUT the House decided to act on it after general elections.

However, on December 31, 1983, Buhari hid under the political commotion that followed the election results to overthrow the Shagari government.

Olusola Saraki granted an interview to Vera Ifudu, an NTA reporter and told her how the missing money had been traced to Buhari’s bank account. But Buhari sacked Vera Ifudu immediately from NTA! She challenged her dismissal in court and won. Court also ordered she should be compensated.

Fast forward to Abacha Era. Buhari was appointed as PTF chairman and he brought his family members as consultants and contractors to the PTF. Obasanjo assumed Presidency in 1999 and set up an interim management for the PTF to audit its activities. He was shocked by the outcome.

In November 2000, Obasanjo directed that the PTF should be scrapped and its headquarters handed over to anti-corruption agencies. OBJ discovered that Buhari’s PTF paid out over 9 billion naira to contractors WITH NO WORK DONE! But he covered up because of “army arrangement”.

So when I start reading about corruption, NNPC, Buhari in one sentence, it does not surprise me. The man has an history in that field and it is not a pleasant one.

~ Oke Umurhohwo

The more BMC tries to spin tales by moonlight stories against Kachikwu, the more they appear like people with sawdust in their brains. As the “Kachikwu too is not clean”  stories refused to make the maximum impact to rational beings, they have resorted to their tired line of absolving their mini god from the saga. Now it is Buhari didn’t see the memo. He read it from Sahara Reporters like you and I. Lol. They don’t know how indicting this is, if really it is the truth. How many deals have been signed without the President knowing? How many memos have been hijacked from getting to the President? Who are the people “kidnapping” memos before they get to the President?  But BMC don’t think, once the guys at Utako cook the soup, it is served and swallowed raw without scrutiny.

Over 25bn dollars contract has been awarded without DUE PROCESS in a govt supposedly fighting corruption and trying to reform NNPC and the oil and gas sector. That is the topic under. No distraction.



What I really don’t understand is why a different person will be bearing the name Mr President and taking all the glory that comes with it while another takes all the pain that comes with that office but bears Mr Vice President!

Why is Osibanjo the one running the country and he is Vice President?

Nigeria under the Buhari led administration seems to be dying gradually!

What happened to all the aspirations of the millions of Nigerians who voted CHANGE? Was this the exact change they voted for?

Things seems to be deteriorating by the day with issues propping up on a regular basis due to insubordination of those in positions of authority and corruption seem to be skyrocketing.

What is this war about corruption when the most corrupt of our leaders are walking freely on the streets?

Why has Buhari not probed those that brought him to power if he is really sincere with his Anti Corruption War?

The time has come for Nigerians to come out and voice out their grievances and say NO TO A DYING NIGERIA UNDER THE BUHARI LED GOVERNMENT!

Nigerians are Tired!