NIGERIA RISING: Nigeria Is a Failed country, Agitations Caused By Failure Of Leadership – Peter Obi

The immediate past governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi, yesterday labelled Nigeria a failed country.

He said this is the reason there are so many agitations in the land today, and he feared more  agitations are coming  except what he called  the leadership challenges facing  the country   are urgently addressed.

Obi spoke as guest lecturer at a public forum organised by the Ebonyi State government in Abakaliki, to mark Nigeria’s 57th Independence Anniversary.

“Whenever they talk about Nigeria at 57, I refuse to talk,” he said.

“My opinion is that Nigeria is a failed country, period. And that is why you are seeing so many agitations you are seeing today. The agitation is not ending, it’s just begging.”

Continuing, Obi said: “It is a cumulative effect of leadership failure over the several years of this country and you can’t stop it because you now have millions of young people in their productive age doing nothing. You can call them anything.”

“For me the country has failed, if anybody tells you that Nigeria is doing well, tell them it is a lie. They said that we are out of recession but almost all Nigerians are still feeling greatly the impact of recession.”

He stressed the need for massive job creation as a solution to further agitations and terrorism.

“If you don’t have a job and you have not eaten food in the morning, afternoon and night, tomorrow you are a potential terrorist. Quote me anywhere,” he said.

He added: “The only way to stop that is to give them jobs. We are moving from baggage economy to knowledge economy. So, the country should stop dwelling on solid minerals because it is a baggage economy and nobody lives with it.

“This is what Nigeria is doing and we are still talking about oil which is already destined to finish one day.”

He also made a case for the Sustainable Development Goals to be mainstreamed in the country’s development agenda.

His words:”Nigeria should queue into Sustainable Development Goals(SDG), not in signature. The country is there in signature and it is the only country that got involved in Millennium Development Goal (MDG) and did not  achieve one goal because as soon as we signed the signature, we threw it away and came here and started doing things wrongly.

“China put MDGs in their developmental agenda, they mainstreamed it in their developmental agenda and they are targeting to lift 16million people out of poverty. I don’t know how many people Nigeria will lift in the next 10 years because there is no such measurable goals. Everything is done in confusion.

“Our reserve is weak today and we are not talking about saving.Rather we are borrowing more. In 2007, all our debts were written off and we didn’t owe anybody.

“But in 2017, we have accumulated a debt of $69billion and nobody is thinking how do we get over this because what we are doing is based on nothing. We just borrow money and share.”

A former Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Chief Emeka Anyaoku, yesterday made a fresh case for the restructuring of the country.

The Second Republic External Affairs Minister said in a statement on the occasion of Nigeria’s Independence Anniversary that  while we deserve to celebrate the day ,we ” must resolve to deal effectively with the challenges, some of which are existential, facing the country.”

He said: “the undeniable reality of the current state of affairs in Nigeria is that the country since the civil war has never been as divided as it is now in the face of armed insurgency in the North East, a threat of secession by some elements  in the South East, rampaging Fulani herdsmen wreaking havoc in parts of the country, militancy in the Niger Delta, an economy just recovering from recession and incalculable damage being done to the country’s development by massive corruption.

“To effectively tackle these challenges and put our diverse country on the road to political stability and its deserved development, we must move from our present nominal to a true federalism, in other words, we must restructure the country’s present governance architecture.”.

Ìgichukwu Aneoke

The Nation Online.

KENYA ELECTIONS: All East Africans Can Work And Live In Kenya Freely. – President Uhuru Kenyatta

All East Africans can work and live in kenya freely.

President Uhuru Kenyatta  today during inauguration:

“As a mark of our continued commitment to you, our Brothers and Sisters in the East African Community; from today, you will be treated like Kenyans. Like your Kenyan brothers and sisters, you will need only your identity card. You can now work, do business; own property, farm and if you wish, and find a willing partner, you can marry and settle in Kenya.  And this commitment we make with no conditions for reciprocity but driven by our desire for deeper regional intergration.  As l welcome you l remind you that equally you shall be subject to the same rules and laws as your Kenyan brothers and sisters.”

What’s your opinion on this?

2019 Rising: Atiku Abubakar Sends Jitters To APC Camp As He Confirms His Candidacy In PDP!

Action they say is louder than voice!

It’s no longer news that Atiku Abubakar is going against the Ruling Party APC which he was part of to emerge as presidential candidate for the PDP.

This he has confirmed by releasing a number of vehicles branded for the the 2019 presidential race.

Check pixs after cut.

If you are in doubt, what other proof do you need?

We wish him well.

PDP CHAIRMANSHIP RACE: Secondus To Others: Woo Delagates Than Attack Me As PDP Warns Chairmanship Aspirants Against Verbal Attacks – The Campaigner Online!

LAGOS—PEOPLES Democratic Party, PDP, yesterday warned aspirants to the chairmanship position of the party to stop unwarranted attacks on the leadership.

According to the party, the leadership has done nothing to favour any aspirant from any zone to warrant attacks.

The party’s reaction came against the backdrop of allegations by some aspirants that the leadership was favouring a particular candidate from the South South zone to clinch the position.

However, speaking while receiving Prince Uche Secondus who had come to submit his nomination form at the party’s national secretariat, the National Organising Secretary, Senator Abdul Ningi, said the party had no preferred candidate, stressing that it would create a level playing field for all the aspirants.

While admonishing aspirants to be focused on wooing delegates to the convention,Ningi said any serious aspirant should spent his time selling himself to delegates, instead of seeking scapegoats, even when the race had not started.

“Go and win your state for the party. Go and entrench the party in your state. Stop attacking us here,” he warned.

He emphasized that any aspirant who submitted his forms would be received and “we will tell the world what he has contributed to the party.

“We will not campaign for any of you but we will let the world know your antecedents. To that end, we pay homage to Secondus, a total chairman with tremendous commitment to the party.

“You have sacrificed a lot for the party. You are still making sacrifice. Your zone is ours and we know you can sacrifice anything for the sake of the party.

‘’You know the PDP and the PDP knows you. If we fail to acknowledge your contributions to PDP, we will be highly unfair to you.”

Speaking while submitting his nomination form, Prince Secondus said he would seek to rebuild, reposition and regain political power in the 2019 elections at all levels, based three Rs, namely “rebuild, reposition and regain.”

He said: “We will collectively rebuild party, reposition it for electoral victory and ensure we regain power come 2019”, he was quoted as telling party leaders.’’

Secondus, who was accompanied by top party leaders from all over the country, told party leaders “he is prepared to put his wealth of experience into action and collectively mobilize loyalists, members and Nigerians for total victory in 2019.’’

Meanwhile, National Vice Chairman, South West, of the party, Dr. Eddy Olafeso, has said the party never zoned the national chairmanship position to the South West, but the entire South.

He said in a signed statement last night: ‘’Our attention has been drawn to insinuations making the rounds that the South West Executive of the party at its last meeting with stakeholders in the zone did direct that aspirants to the office of the national chairman must come from a particular state.

‘’This is patently false as no such decision was taken, we only zoned other offices that were zoned to the South West amongst all the States in the region, and this action is traditional.

‘’The position of National Chairman and Deputy National Chairman is zoned to the entire South* and as such is beyond the scope of the South West Zone to unilaterally adjudicate on.

‘’Therefore, we declare that all those gentlemen that have signified their intentions to contest for the above mentioned positions remain at liberty to continue to prosecute their ambitions.”

without hindrance.

‘’For the avoidance of doubt, it is important that we underscore the fact that we did not zone to any particular state or person the eligibility to contest the position of the national chairman or deputy national chairman. All those aspiring possess the right to continue to ventilate their ambitions.’’

By Emmanuel Aziken

Robert Mugabe to black Zimbabwe citizens – You Will Appreciate Me More When I Am Gone

In a letter which he released recently, Mugabe, former Zimbabwean President writes to black Zimbabweans:

My fellow Zimbabweans, I am writing this letter and hope that all of you will read it and share it.

My days on this earth are numbered, but I know that once I am gone, you and your children will never forget about me.

I want you to understand that the reason I have stayed long in power, 36 years on, is because I want to empower all of you my fellow black Zimbabweans. No other president in the entire continent of Africa has done what I have done for you, but you continue to take me for granted.

Do you know that in the whole of Africa, Zimbabweans are the only blacks who own their land? We are the only blacks who own and run means of production, we own our own companies, our own land. That is the true meaning of independence. Political and economic independence.

I have fought tooth and nail my entire political life to ensure that all of you have both political and economic independence. I don’t hate white people, no, not at all. What I hate is their thinking that they are better than us, that they can just come to our country and take our resources and our land, and tell us what to do. To that I say no.Today, I am happy that almost all the land is in black hands.

It is up to you to use the education I gave you to develop the land so it is productive so you can feed yourself. One thing I am proud of is that I worked hard to ensure our natural resources and our land was given back to its rightful owners: you the black people of Zimbabwe.

Go to other countries in Africa. Right here just across he Limpopo, in South Africa, Mandela sold out and gave all the land and economy to the whites. The blacks in South Africa will be slaves to white South Africans forever. As long as land is not in the hands of its rightful owners, the Africans, the black man will continue to suffer in his own land.

The real wealth is now in your hands, I wrestled it away from the white people who came to steal it from you. Yes, the world was angry at me and punished the whole country with sanctions, but I don’t care because I know I was doing the right thing. I was empowering my people. You.

Take care of the land and the industries I have you.

I did my part, the ball is now in your court. Do your part.

You will remember me and appreciate me for what I have done for you when I am gone.

Your president and leader

Africa for Africans.

Robert Gabriel Mugabe

Source: Zambian Observer.

NIGERIA SENATE: DOOM ON Sen. Peter Nwaboshi And Brother As EFCC Finally Closes Up On Them Or Just Another Tales By Moonlight?

ABUJA—The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, is closing in on Senator Peter Nwaoboshi and his brother, Augustine Nwaoboshi, after stumbling on vital information on how the two men supplied used equipment in place of new ones to Delta State government and went away with N2.1 billion.
The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, senator is reported to have, thereafter, used the proceeds of the procurement contract fraud to acquire several property in Lagos and Delta states using his companies as fronts for the acquisition.
Findings by Vanguard revealed that the anti-graft agency had concluded moves to summon the two brothers for questioning any moment from now over their roles in the contract scam.
The revelation came barely two days after Nwaoboshi raised a point of order on the floor of the Senate that the EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu, had been terrorising senators since he was not confirmed and asked that he should be removed from the agency with immediate effect.
A top source in EFCC revealed that Nwaoboshi, who represents Delta North in the Senate, used his company, Bilderberg Enterprises Limited, to secure contracts worth N2.1 billion to supply new equipment to two agencies of Delta State government but defrauded the state in the execution of the contract by importing and supplying used equipment which he passed off as new.
The source said: “The Delta State Government awarded contracts to the suspect’s company, Bilderberg Enterprises Limited, in the sum of N1,580,000,000 and N474,936,000 to supply new construction and waste management equipment to the Delta State Direct Labour Agency and Delta State Waste Management Board respectively. The company supplied used equipment contrary to the Bill of Quantity.

Property in Lagos, Delta
“The senator also laundered the proceeds of alleged criminal activity to acquire property in Delta State and Lagos. Among the property acquired from proceeds of the fraud is a 12-storey building at Apapa in Lagos belonging to Delta State government which Nwaoboshi bought for N805,000,000.
“The property was acquired through one of his companies, Golden Touch Construction Project Limited. The suspect also allegedly bought a warehouse at Apapa Wharf, Lagos for N800, 000,000.”
BVN linked to 23 other undeclared bank accounts
The anti-graft agency said it found a more ‘startling finding’ against Nwaoboshi, saying his Bank Verification Number, BVN, is linked to 23 other bank accounts which he did not disclose in his assets declaration record with the Code of Conduct Bureau as well as the fact that his younger brother, Augustine Nwaoboshi, is the sole signatory to some of the accounts.
“We will charge the two brothers to court as soon as we conclude interrogating them because this is a clear case of money laundering,” one of the sources at the agency said.


By Soni Daniel.

NDOKWA POLITICS: OCHOR OCHOR, The Political Enigma of Ukwuani: Chief Alfred Onyenwosa.

Hon Ochor Ochor is an enigma of some sort. A man just so humble. In him is an embodiment of humility. One man that does not allow the epaulettes of Office to intoxicate him. Ochor is very much at home with the grassroot. Many have seen Hon Chris Ochor Ochor walking side by side  Farmers, Traders, Tradesmen, Transporters, Civil Servants, Public Servants and those who fall short of physical endowment. Ochor Socializes with the common Man, the middle class and political gladiators in Delta State and beyond.
Though by his present official status he is entitled to a police manned Pilot and backup Pickups, Hon Ochor nwa Ochor is not a man that jollies in such elitist convoy. While his brothers will rather blare siren into social occasions, with trigger happy police aides scaring even the Sky with their shots announcing their entry, Hon Ochor enters unannounced moving through canopies exchanging pleasantries even before MCs notices his presence. Most times confused to be hard in dashing monies, Ochor’s cleanliness with public fund does not allow for squandmania and extravagance.
Hon Ochor the giver, would rather borrow to be able to dispense assistance than soil his hands with corrupt practices.
Naturally haters are part of living, but those who dislike Hon Ochor Ochor are just a very few. A few that either do not know him, or those who had incurred his wrath because of their cash sticky fingers, or those who coincidentally asked when he did not have, which happens in every normal Man, or those who are outrightly envious of his soaring profile.
However Ochor is assessed, there is something unusual and ecclesiastic about this Man’s fame and prowess.
Hon Ochor Chris Ochor remains an enigma of some sort.

ASABA AIRPORT SAGA: The Inside Story We Know – By Ndubuisi Michaels.

Last week, many Nigerians woke up to read reports insinuating that the Asaba International Airport may face closure following the withdrawal of the contractor, ULO Consultants from the project. ULO was awarded the contract for the rehabilitation of Runway and Taxiways of the airport after it was downgraded by the Federal Government on May 6, 2015 over “safety concerns.”

In his letter of disengagement, ULO purportedly claimed that it was withdrawing due to “unfavourable working condition imposed on them indirectly by officials of the State Government Ministry of Works.” Continuing, the contractor alleged that it could not continue with the work because “the estimates prepared by the Ministry of Works in 2014” were no longer realistic given the prevailing economic situation in the country.

But a day before news of ULO’s disengagement filtered out, the Committee on Works of the Delta State House of Assembly had paid an inspection visit to the airport, fuelling speculations that this may have prompted ULO’s sudden withdrawal. During the visit, the Chairman of the Committee, Hon. Chief Evance Ochuko Ivwurie berated the contractor for their failure to deliver the project on schedule.

He said: “I am extremely disappointed that this contractor is obstinately recalcitrant and the conduct has put Deltans and the State Government in difficulty. His non-performance has caused the State Government untold embarrassment, setbacks and public opprobrium.”

Hon Ivwurie was further incensed by the fact that the Chairman and Managing Director of the Company, Chief Uche Luke Okpunor, was not physically present during the inspection as requested by the Committee but instead sent two of his staff who were “clueless and of no assistance to the Committee.”

Barely 24 hours after the Committee’s visit, ULO announced its withdrawal from the airport project with effect from November 20, 2017.

The Asaba International Airport saga has been a case of concern dating back to the last administration in the State. Sources in Asaba told METROWATCH that the withdrawal of ULO from the airport project was purely a “face saving measure” to pre-empt the inevitable.

The project, which was to have been completed within three months from when it was awarded, had inexplicably dragged on for two years and the State Government was about to wield the big stick following the non-performance of the contractor.

Investigations by METROWATCH  revealed that the contract for the rehabilitation of Runway and Taxiway was awarded by the Delta State Tenders Board ((STB.10/T/791), on May 21, 2015 at a total contract sum of N5Bn with 50% of contract sum as advance payment and a completion period of three months.

In its acceptance letter also dated May 21, 2015, ULO affirmed that “completion period is within three (3) months from commencement of the project.”

The contractor subsequently submitted a Performance Bond from Zenith Bank to the State Government in August 2015 and on the basis of this, 50% of the contract sum amounting to N2.5Bn was released as advance payment. But two years after, ULO had achieved only 24.5% completion.

Problem began for ULO when the State Government, in a letter to Zenith Bank on August 28, 2017, two days before the expiration of the Advance Payment Guarantee, demanded for the immediate payment of the outstanding sum of N1, 959,264,958.57, “being un-recouped balance of the moneys advanced as per your APG.”

Panicked, Zenith Bank, in a letter dated September 08, 2017, pleaded with the State Government to extend the tenure of the Performance Bond till December 31, 2017. According to the bank, “we have intimated the customer of this development and they have requested that we extend the tenor of the Performance Bond to enable them return to site as soon as the rain abates.”

However, the State Government refused to bulge insisting that the request for extension of the APG “amounts to a fundamental breach of the clear and unambiguous provisions of Clause C, Paragraph iv of the Advance Payment Guarantee issued by your bank.

“There is no provision in the Advanced Payment Guarantee which entitles the Guarantor (Zenith Bank Plc), upon receipt of the first demand for payment by the Delta State Government, to ‘extend the tenor of the APG.”

Consequently, the State Government wrote that it “shall be constrained to deploy appropriate legal means to enforce the payment of the outstanding sum advanced.”

Sources in the State’s Ministry of Works told METROWATCH that there is a sense of relief in government circles over ULO’s disengagement from the airport project.

“It is good riddance to bad rubbish,” a senior official in the ministry of Works told us. “This is a contractor that is fond of using delay tactics and has failed to deliver on all the major projects awarded to him. Obviously the company lacks capacity.

“In two years, it was only able to achieve 25% completion on the airport project. Look at Maryman Babangida Way in Asaba and Sector C of the Ughelli-Asaba road dualisation, ULO has not been able to deliver. There are three sectors of the Ughelli-Asaba road dualisation. It is only in Sector C which it is handling that work is not going on. We pray the company withdraws from these other projects too so that we can all move on.”

The official, who pleaded for anonymity, rubbished claims that the 2014 estimates were no longer realistic based on the rate of the dollar to the naira.

“The contract rates for asphalt, which is the major material required in this contract, are still good and competitive. An equivalent of 50mm thick asphalt wearing course is awarded today at N6,000 per square metre. That is the same rate in the contract. Furthermore, it should be noted that the huge advance payment (50% of the contract sum) made to the contractor was to facilitate adequate stocking of materials to forestall request for review of the contract due to price fluctuations.”

Meanwhile, the State House of Assembly on Tuesday this week began investigations into the Asaba airport contract saga. Whatever happens, it is clear that the airport will continue to operate skeletal services for some time to come until the State Government is able to shop for and engage another contractor, which is expected to be a long process. However, the State Commissioner for Information, Hon Patrick Ukah in a statement on Tuesday gave assurance that the government was doing “everything possible to ensure that the right thing is done and the project completed to international standards.”


Sports is a veritable channel for the organization of humanity world over. This is why sports has served and has remained the only unifying factor in the world that has bridged many gaps amongst the committee of Nations. Many can relate with sports due to its amiable nature. Example of such laudable sports achievement is the role of football in the unification of humanity today.

Whatever you are, what ever you need to become, white , Red or black, a villager or a city personality, rich or poor; sports has invaded our world and we are happy to be sporty.

Little wonder, many a people are proud to be associated with one sporting activity or the other.

The people of Delta North are not left out when it comes to sports in Nigeria.

This is why, Anioma indegenes (Delta North) are usually a force to  reckon with, whenever sporting activities is mentioned in Nigeria.

A tip of what the Anioma indigenes have achieved so far in the area of sports are the gist about the numerous medals (golds, silvers and brons) won by Anioma indigenes both in the Nigeria National sports festivals and in the Olympics.

The Anioma people are sports lovers and they have indeed showcased their true love for sports in many occasions.

For instance, the Anioma people from Ndokwa land are usually rated as National champions in Swimming Nation wide and this is as a result of their exploits so far in the  various categories of National Swimming competitions where Anioma sons and daughters made Delta state proud by winning most of the Gold Medals in Swimming competions. The Ikas, Oshimilis and Aniochas are good cyclist and sprinters too. This is why Delta state has remained a hub for sporting youths.

Today, the Anioma people of Delta state can be proud not just for their exploits in sporting games but also, as the first indigenous people of coastal Africa to house the first premium University of Sports which has received approval to be built in Idumuju Ugboko in Delta state by the National university council.

This is indeed a great feat for the people of Delta North because, the University of sports when completed, will help to boost and tecnically upgrade  sports first among the people of Anioma in Delta state, before the entirety of Africa.

Aside from the technical knowledge to be acquired by many sons and daughters of Anioma and Delta state from this unique higher citadel of learning in Anioma land, the institution will also create more quality job opportunities for the Anioma people.

This is a great gain and opportunity for the people of Anioma and it is amazing that the institution was founded by an Anioma born Prince Ned Nwoko who is incidentally a senatorial aspirant in Delta North senatorial district.

Many would have rather thought of building this kind of school in a more lucrative ambience like in Lagos state or Accra Ghana while their villages and people are languishing in perpetual ‘incivility’
but not Prince Ned Nwoko, a lover of Anioma  land and people ; who built the first internationally reputed ranch in his village Idumuje Ugboko. The ranch which is so colourful, has become a reason for International tourist personels trooping into Delta North of recent.

As i pen this informative article, i am so moved by the fact that the same  Prince Ned Nwoko was the man who used his legal capacity to solicit for the Paris club refund to Nigeria for many years until recently when the first phase of the refund pursuit was achieved and funds disbursed to the Nigeria government under president Buhari administration – the refund, which has saved Nigeria from a recent economic recession has assisted many state government in meeting their vital economic obligations including our dear Delta state.

This Ned Nwoko was also said to have given academic scholarship to over 240 Anioma sons and daughters for which over 50% of the students are now graduates and are yet to meet the man who changed their lives through his educational grant.

Just few weeks ago, some men from Idumuje Ugboko, Ibusa and Asaba told stories of how this same Prince Ned Nwoko gifted them cars for free, some years ago to run their airport taxi business in Lagos state (before Asaba airport was completed) due to their inability to land jobs of their preferences as at then. Three of them attested to how they have been able to make a living and built their houses within Asaba metropolis; yet Prince Ned Nwoko never requested for a pay back…
These men were selected by the Ned Nwoko foundation due to their devastating situations and circumstances as at the time.

Recently, some group of adults with political network support base in Anioma land who also campaigned and voted for the incubent Senator Peter Nwaobishi representing Delta North accosted my mediating self and vowed to support Prince Ned Nwoko in making Anioma great again through the instrumentality of the senate house. This group are not just children group, they are a team of political collosus They have even requested that I join them on saturday as they declare their support for the political Ambition of Prince Ned Nwoko, for his kind gesture to the people of Anioma land. (How I wish I was not on this bed…)

There will surely be a time to meet this wonderful people some day, (by the grace and power of God)

ON the current state of things politically, Prince Ned Nwoko, is contesting for Senate in Delta North and I feel obligated to support him and I know that my vote will count for him as well as those of my friends who am currently soliciting for their support irrespective of what political platform he decides to run for the Senatorial race!

I know and BELEIEVE that Prince Ned Nwoko means well for the Anioma people. He has brought smiles to the faces of so many indigenes and non indigenes of Delta North through his philantropic gestures and I have honest self believe that when he is elected as a senator representing Delta North, he will give his best to improve on the lots of the Anioma people (God willing)

I support Prince Ned Nwoko, a sharp mind; a lover of huminity, a humble man and a giver for the Delta North Senate position come 2019…

Will you join me today?


I arise!

Wise Prince Ajede- ChMc, AsM

Leader, #tHeDyNastySocioPoliticalMediatorsworldwide-Team X Salvage

Highlights by THECAMPAIGNER!