Police To Deploy 30,000 Personnels Ahead Of Ekiti July 14 Gubernatorial Election.



The Ekiti State Commissioner of Police, Bello Ahmed, said on Thursday that at least 30,000 policemen would be deployed for the July 14 governorship election in the state.


Ahmed disclosed this while hosting some journalists at the Command’s headquarters in Ado-Ekiti.

He said the Command had mapped out strategies to ensure hitch- free election, saying with effective from July 9, policemen would be deployed to strategic locations in the state.

The police commissioner advised residents in the state to conduct themselves in a peaceful manner before, during and after the election.

He also assured people of the state of safety of their lives and property.


He said: “Robust security has been put in place come July 14.  Not less than 30,000 policemen would be deployed and other logistics would be on ground. Our tactical teams are ready for the task ahead.

“Effective from July 9, everything would take shape and everybody would be in their positions. All the threats analysis had been conducted. We are fully ready for the poll and if the election is today, it just for us to press one or two buttons.


“I want to encourage the people of Ekiti to be law abiding, to give us timely and credible information. I equally advise them to come out on election day to exercise their civil rights and responsibility to vote for candidate of their choice peacefully and retire back to their houses peacefully.”

Lagos Tanker Explosion: It Was Like A War, We Thought The End Had Come – Survivors


If Mr. Wasiu Olaitan had kept his tradition of not going out to work on Thursdays, perhaps he would have been in the comfort of his home today – hale and hearty. A 41-year-old commercial bus driver, who augments his daily income by operating as a vulcaniser by the side, the father of three invests much of his energy and time into productive activities that would help put food on the table for his family. Abandoning his native Ile-Ife, an ancient town in Osun State boasting of a rich culture and tradition, several years ago in favour of Lagos where his search for a better life has continued, Alawasi, as he is fondly called by those close to him, has not really had it easy over time. Though managing to build a small house in the Ibafo area of Ogun State to shelter his family, the middle-aged man has continued to contend with all manner of struggles in his quest for a major breakthrough in life.

On Thursday afternoon, while ferrying passengers in his 18-seater bus from Lagos to the Mowe/Ibafo area of neighbouring Ogun, a bigger worry was added to Olaitan’s growing list. A speeding tanker laden with around 33, 000 litres of Premium Motor Spirit – one of the deadliest and easily combustible liquids in the world – that had lost control suddenly fell a few metres away from Otedola Bridge, a popular axis along the Lagos/Ibadan Expressway, spilling its content all over the place and bursting into flames shortly afterwards. The 41-year-old whose commercial bus was directly behind the ill-fated tanker, the moment brought a glimpse of perhaps what the end of the world would look like.

“I saw darkness everywhere immediately the tanker exploded,” he said while speaking with newsmen  on Friday on his hospital bed where yards of bandages now strapped him like an armour. “I thought I was going to die. It was as if the end had come. There was commotion everywhere, just like in a war. Nothing else came to my mind. We all believed it was the end,” he added soberly as he narrated his ordeal to his teary-eyed wife – Faidat – and other family members, who had come to check on him on Friday morning. One of our correspondents, who was at the Trauma and Burns wing of the Gbagada General Hospital where he and a handful other victims of the tragedy are being treated, went in with the party after posing to security men as his relative.

While attributing his narrow escape to divine grace, the Ile-Ife indigene said that for a few minutes after the tanker fell, he and others in the vehicle were confused as to what to do. He revealed that it was while it was being argued that the content of the truck was diesel or petrol that the entire place erupted in flames. According to him, after being briefly knocked out by the sound of the explosion, he managed to regain consciousness and enough strength to force his way out of the bus through the front passenger seat. But even after exiting the vehicle, his fears were far from over.

“I jumped into a gutter full of dirty water immediately I forced my way out of the bus,” he said, slowly adjusting his sitting position on the bed. “I had hoped to use the water to quench the fire on my body but unknown to me the water had already mixed with the petrol that had spilled from the tanker. That compounded my problem. While I was struggling to quench the fire on my body, I did not know that my head was burning. I managed to run across the road and into an uncompleted building where people around helped me put out the fire. That was my saving grace, otherwise only God knows what would have happened to me,” he stated.

Revealing how the tragedy and her husband’s present condition had affected their life as a family, Faidat told newsmen  that things had not remained the same since Thursday. According to her, they had expended almost all the money on them in trying to save his life.

“This tragedy has completely changed our life as a family,” she began. “The thought of him lying in the hospital and battling for survival has left us restless.

“My husband usually does not go out on Thursdays. No matter how much you offer him, he would not go to work on that day. But he went out to work that day because he was arrested by LASTMA operatives on Monday and he used all the money he realised to settle them. He had no money on him and that was why he decided to go out on Thursday to work.

“I heard of the incident from one of our neighbours whose shop I had gone to buy something. Immediately I got into the house, I called my husband’s number but it was switched off. I called one of our children to warn him not to come home yet because of the incident but his number didn’t go through. Later, my husband used one of the nurses’ numbers to call and inform me that he was involved in the incident.

“I was really scared when I heard the news. In fact, all sorts of thoughts came to my mind but I thank God that he didn’t die. We are praying for his recovery now,” she said.

Like the rest of the victims affected by Thursday’s deadly inferno, Mr. Wasiu Amoo had no inkling of what laid in wait for him when he left his home at Ibafo for work at nearby Kara that fateful morning. A dealer in granite and other building materials in the area, the 68-year-old, who lost his wife and best friend of several decades about three years ago, after completing another productive day at work, was heading home that evening when the commercial bus he boarded was caught up in the tragedy. While other younger passengers managed to escape with minor burns and injuries, Amoo, perhaps due to age, couldn’t summon a similar swiftness. By the time he managed to drag himself to safety, there had been significant damage done to his aging body. He hangs precariously unto life at the Lagos hospital.

“Large parts of his body were severely burnt,” the 68-year-old’s daughter and fifth child, Aminat told newsmen during an encounter on Friday. “He has not been able to open his eyes since that incident. Initially, he was not able to talk but after oxygen was administered on him on Friday morning, he had been talking gradually.

“Also, since that incident, he had not been able to urinate on his own; the nurses have been using a device to assist him to do that. He has been complaining of pains.

“We are praying to God to preserve his life. He is a good father; we cannot afford to lose him now. Since we lost our mother three years ago, he has been playing both roles for us. We beg God to spare his life,” she said.

Asked if there was any sort of premonition of something terrible happening before the incident, Aminat, who lives with her husband in the Ikorodu area of Lagos, said that though she wouldn’t say that there was a warning, she had felt uneasy for about three days prior to the tragedy without knowing what the problem actually was.

“For about three days before the incident, I was always having bad feelings,” she disclosed. “I couldn’t explain what the problem was. I had to embark on a seven-day fast to ward off any evil from my family. But on Thursday evening, I got the news through an uncle. We have not been at peace ever since,” she added.

Also lucky to be alive is Mr. Seun Solarin, an official of the Federal High Court, Ikoyi, Lagos, who escaped death by mere inches. The young man returning home from work with three colleagues and a few others in a Mitsubishi space wagon that fateful evening was rushing to go and watch the ongoing FIFA World Cup taking place in Russia before things took a different turn. In a few deadly seconds, daylight turned to raging storm of fire that threatened to consume him and others inside the vehicle. Despite sustaining slight injury, Solarin is grateful to have lived to tell his story.

“If anybody told me I’d still be alive by now, I would doubt it,” he said, still looking frightened. “I saw it; I was there, in front of a huge fire, in front of death. I was sitting beside the driver, Williams, my colleague when everything happened. I thought war had broken out. I was afraid that life had come to an end.

“Before the incident, I and Williams noticed how the tanker was manoeuvring anyhow. The tanker driver was waving at other vehicles behind not to come close. As it approached Oando Filling Station, there was traffic and the driver decided not to move forward again. As he tilted the tanker towards the culvert in the middle of the road so that it would stop, the tanker started descending. One of the motor boys quickly disembarked and started throwing a big wood in front of the tyre to stop it. But the tanker climbed a stone and fell. Fuel started gushing out but the others said it was diesel and that it wouldn’t explode.

“But something told me that even if it was diesel, we were supposed to run for safety. So, I asked everyone in the car to run. I had not run up to 100 metres before the tanker exploded. It was like a bomb exploding in a war. I didn’t look back again until I reached Isheri.

“Williams and another colleague, called Aunty Maria are still missing. Another colleague inside the car who managed to escape had his scalp seriously burnt. I pray not to witness anything like this in my life again,” he said as he battled tears.

We’ll not give up searching for loved ones –Relatives of missing person

Family members and friends of persons missing after Thursday’s tanker explosion in Lagos have said that they would not end their search until they find them – dead or alive.

A handful of persons – young and old – have been declared missing by many residents of the city since the tragic incident, which claimed at least nine lives, left several others injured while also destroying over 50 vehicles.

While the destination of the dead and injured has been established, those searching for their loved ones have been confused as to where to turn to for help.

A family member of one missing person, Mr. Andrew Oshaba, told newsmen that he had searched everywhere for his brother, Abraham, a 45-year-old man, since the tragedy without any luck.

The mobile policeman said his brother left his workplace at Ikoyi and was on his way home at the time of the incident, but that his wife had not been able to reach him since then.

According to him, his phone line has failed to connect since the time of the accident on Thursday.

The accident was said to have occurred at about 5:00pm on that fateful day.

He said, “We have searched everywhere for our brother, Abraham, since on Thursday when the tanker exploded.

“He left his office at Ikoyi and was heading home to Mowe at about that time of the incident when his phone number was last reached by his wife. Ever since that day, we have not been able to reach him or know his whereabouts.

“We have been to the Accident and Emergency Centre at Toll Gate, Gbagada General Hospital, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, even where the bodies were said to have been taken to at Lagos Island; we have not been able to find him.

“It is very frustrating but we will not give up hope in finding him. Whatever the case may be, we will not be tired because he means a lot to us.”

A woman, Adenike Lateef, who said one of her sisters had been missing since Thursday’s tragedy, told The Campaigner Online that in all the places they had been to, there had been no trace of Morenike, her sibling.

According to her, the young lady’s mobile telephone line has ceased to connect since the afternoon of that fateful day.

She said, “She is the last child of the family. She came to Lagos in search of a job four months ago and had been staying with me at Ogudu.

“On Thursday, she told me that she wanted to see a friend at Ojodu and that she would be back later that evening. I don’t know the friend she went to see but the troubling thing is that her number has not been connecting since that evening.

“I really hope she is fine. We have searched for her everywhere but have not found her. I have informed all our family members already; we will continue to look for her until she is found. I believe we will find her.”

Scavengers swamp accident scene for scrap materials

While people were busy mourning the monumental losses caused by the explosion and emergency responders immersed in the mop-up operation, scrap collectors, including a young boy, stormed the scene with sacks to scavenge metals from vehicle carcasses.

No fewer than 10 scrap collectors were sighted at the scene.

Undeterred by policemen, who tried to chase people away from the scene, they moved around plucking the scraps from the rubble. Some of them were able to fill up their sacks with metals.

“I will go and sell it to a man on our street in Isheri,” the boy said, scurrying from one spot to another.

As the scenario unfolded, a miscreant confronted one of the collectors and demanded that he pay “any amount” if he wanted to continue with the picking.

“From whom did you take permission to collect scraps here? Don’t you know somebody is in charge of this place? I am the one controlling this vicinity and you must pay,” he boasted, blocking the collector, who was heading towards another burnt vehicle.

The miscreant later freed the man after he promised to “settle” before he left the scene.

Family searches for three-year-old as twin sister escapes fire

Family members of a three-year-old boy, Eyitayo Famojuro, are in distress over the whereabouts of the boy, who was trapped in the Lagos tanker explosion on Thursday.

It was learnt that the boy was in a car with his twin sister, Eyitoke, and their mother when the fuel-laden tanker went up in flames.

The Campaigner Online learnt that the mother was able to escape with Eyitoke before the fire caught up with the car.

However, the whereabouts of Eyitayo and the car driver identified simply as Joseph, remained unknown in the wake of the tragedy.

A relative announced the disappearance of the duo on her Instagram page, tm_fabrics_n_more, appealing to members of the public with relevant information on their whereabouts to reach out to the family.

“The boy in this picture is a three-year-old named Eyitayo. He was involved in the unfortunate tanker accident with his mother, twin sister and the driver at Otedola bridge yesterday evening. They were a few cars away from the tanker when the explosion occurred. The driver (Mr. Joseph) carried Eyitayo while the mother escaped with Eyitoke (Eyitayo’s twin). The whereabouts of Eyitayo and Mr. Joseph is still unknown as all attempts to trace them at the scene of the accident proved abortive. Anyone with information should pls call 08033148161 or approach nearest police station,” she wrote.

The relative, Funmi Balogun, who later spoke briefly with our correspondent on the telephone, confirmed the post.

She said, “His (Eyitayo’s) mother is my sister. They live in Isheri North and were returning home when the incident happened. Her phone and the car were burnt.”

On Friday night, there were reports that the boy had been found but Balogun dismissed such reports, saying she did not know those making such claims.

“He has not been found; I don’t know who is posting all these things about the boy,” she told The Campaigner Online

Vehicle owners, mechanic count losses

A mechanic, Muftau Bolarinwa, who has a workshop at an uncompleted filling station close to the scene of the tanker explosion, said he was jolted by the incident while he was fixing a customer’s Volkswagen Golf car.

The car got burnt.

Looking tired and downcast, the 34-year-old limped around the workshop to salvage his tools from the wreckage of the vehicle around 11:00pm on Thursday when the emergency officials were battling to clear the carcass on the road.

He explained that he fell and injured his leg as he tried to flee from the spot, adding that the Golf and three other cars that customers brought to him for repairs were trapped in the inferno.

He said, “I don’t know what to tell them now. I am confused. But whatever is going to happen, the important thing is that I am alive. A lot of people were burnt to death.”

On the night of the incident, The Campaigner Online also saw a towing vehicle owner, lamenting that he had lost his only source of living.

The middle-aged man rummaged his hands around the remnants of the vehicle.

He said, “A laptop, battery, my phones, and my tools were inside the vehicle. Everything was burnt. This was all I depended on to cater for my family. But all the same, I thank God that I survived.”

The victim, who later identified himself only as Biliaminu, said he was too distraught to make further comments when approached by The Campaigner Online

It was gathered that the owner of the only tricycle, which was also caught in the fire, had just bought it on hire purchase and had yet to complete the payment when the incident occurred.

“The man was crying here after the incident. He said he sold his property to make part payment for the tricycle. He wanted to salvage it from the fire. People held him back,” an eyewitness said.

A man, who could not be controlled by onlookers on Friday at the scene of the accident, cried bitterly while standing next to what used to be his Lexus Sports Utility Vehicle.

Refusing to speak with newsmen he could be heard lamenting that he bought the vehicle with all his life’s savings to use as car hire.

“Where will I begin from,” he said, while sobbing profusely. “I put all my life’s savings into this car in the hope that I’d use it to work and raise money to do other things for myself. But now, look at what has happened to me. I am totally finished,” he added soberly as the crowd around tried to console him.

Relatives of victims battle nurses over cost of items

Family members and friends of some of the victims of Thursday’s tanker explosion in Lagos engaged nurses at the Trauma and Burns section of the Gbagada General Hospital in Lagos in a light ‘war’ on Friday over the cost of items needed to attend to their loved ones receiving treatment at the facility.

While it was not compulsory for relatives of victims to buy such items there, those that purchased them outside the facility had the ‘trick’ of some of the nurses to deal with at the end one of our correspondents, who visited the sprawling hospital, observed.

Seated under a tree by the left hand side of the section, family members and friends of some of those rushed to the place for medical attention could be seen pouring out their anger as they strategised on how to deal with the various ‘tricks’ some of the nurses were employing to get ‘something’ out of them.

A woman wearing a veil, was heard by our correspondent telling a brother to her husband receiving treatment, that “one of the nurses is not happy that we bought the items outside and not from her.”

As if to confirm what she had just said, the nurse, a light-complexioned woman, soon walked to the place the family converged to ‘stylishly’ vent her disappointment.

“Are you sure all the items are complete in the bag,” the nurse asked, directing the question to no one in particular. “I have checked that you bought the ointment, I told you that I was selling, is it that you didn’t want to buy from me? How much difference is the price from outside? You should patronise me too for all the work I have been doing for you since your husband was brought her,” she said.

Like a well-rehearsed line, the wife and three other women, perhaps kinsmen, chorused: “Don’t be angry, we followed the list you gave us. Besides, the price outside is better.”

Flashing a cheeky smile afterwards, the nurse, like a humiliated creature, simply tucked her ‘tail’ in between her legs and slowly sauntered back into the ward.

Minutes later, a man and his wife were seen by our correspondent hurriedly dashing out of the ward with long faces as a list of items to be bought for their sister receiving treatment at the place dangled from one of their hands. Almost immediately, a young nurse could be seen going after them in a desperate attempt at persuading them to make the purchases within the place.

“We’ll go out to buy the items,” the man barked, as his wife trudged behind him. “How much are they selling these things out there? Please, you people should forget about it,” he added angrily.

Throughout the about two hours our correspondent spent around the place nosing around for news, relatives of Thursday’s tanker explosion victims could be seen discussing and designing strategies to counter any ‘trick’ thrown up by the nurses to make some money off them.

Overall, the vicinity was calm as activities went on smoothly in all the corners of the hospital.

Lagos to conduct DNA tests on corpses

In the wake of families searching for their loved ones at hospitals and mortuaries across the state, the Lagos State Government says it will carry out DNA tests on the charred bodies recovered from the scene of the tanker explosion on Otedola Bridge on Thursday.

Commissioner for Health in the state, Mr. Jide Idris, said this on Friday in response to an enquiry on the difficulty in releasing corpses to the relatives of the deceased.

A number of families thronged Gbagada General Hospital, Accident and Emergency Centre at Toll Gate and the Mainland General Hospital morgue on Friday in search of their loved ones.

One of the enraged relatives, Yetunde Joseph, a resident of Ojodu-Berger, told The Campaigner Online that her husband, Israel, visited a business partner on Lagos Island, but had not returned home since that day.

She said, “He left home around 8:00am in his car to discuss a contract with his business partner called Johnson. He called me around 4:30pm while he was returning home and said he was at Ojota. He called me on the phone and told me he was hungry. He said he had not taken lunch. I assured him that by the time he would have got home, food would be ready.

“I was expecting him to be back by 5:00pm. When it was 7:00pm and I did not see him, I became worried. I called his line but it was switched off. It was in the process that a neighbour told me that there was an explosion on the Otedola Bridge. I rushed to the scene, but there was smoke everywhere.

“I have gone to the hospitals the injured victims were taken to but could not find him. I have also been to the mortuary; the workers said the bodies brought from the scene were badly burnt. Even if he is dead, I want to see his corpse.”

A man, Tunde Alimi, said that he and some of his colleagues at work visited the Mainland Hospital on Friday to claim the body of one of their friends, who died in the fire but were turned back by officials.

Dr. Idris had in his response to enquiry on how the state government would handle the identity issue, said that DNA would be conducted on the bodies.

“It has to be by DNA analysis. The arrangements for that are being sorted out,” he said in a text message sent to one of our correspondents.

There Will Be No Peace Until Those Who Feel Cheated Are Given Justice – Miyetti Allah Secretary General

Plateau State:  “There would not be peace until those who feel cheated are given justice”  says Miyetti Allah Secretary-General


The Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore has lambasted Fulani lawmakers in the National Assembly for failing to protect the interest of herdsmen.


The Secretary-General of the group, Saleh Al-Hassan, said this during an interview on Sunrise Daily, a Channels Television programme, on Friday.


He said, “Our elite have failed to protect us. Our National Assembly members that are of Fulani background are just there collecting money.


They can’t protect their people. They don’t want to come out to say the truth.”


While insisting that herdsmen don’t bear arms, Al-Hassan said there would not be peace until those who feel cheated are given justice, adding that any attempt to chase them out of the country would fail.


Al-Hassan added, “If you have injustice in the land, you can only end up with negativity.


There is nowhere you will find citizens being denied their economic rights and then you expect that there will be peace in that kind of place. What we are saying is give us a share of the land resources in this country.”


He also said herdsmen were the victims of the killings in Plateau and Benue states, saying no one had been brought to book for the killings of Fulani in Plateau State.


He said it was for this reason that the group decided to drag the state government before the ECOWAS court, where he said they were claiming N40bn for the killing of 5,000 herdsmen on the Plateau.


“So, no Berom man should begin to raise any moral justification. They are the ones that don’t want peace,” he added.

The Campaigner Online News Headlines

Saturday, 30th June, 2018.


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Mimiko’s exist: Ondo PDP Chair, Engr. Faboyede, others arraigned in court by EFCC, jailed in prison


Detention of Ondo PDP chairman, Engr. Faboyede by EFCC: A price of good leadership, We stand by him –  PDP Support Group


Youths protest marginalization in Ondo state


Nigerians in diaspora back Atiku’s presidential bid


Edo, Imo States govt not ceding any land for ranching; Obaseki, Okorocha replies Buhari


Buratai restates commitment to end insurgency in North-East


Boy dies hours after sustaining head injury at



Togolese president condoles with Nigeria over

Otedola bridge tanker fire


FG to reconsider 500% tariff on local beverages


Senators Baby Mama sues, asks for upkeep


Court orders EFCC to unfreeze Nyakos account, unseal his estate


New book revealing Queen Elizabeth’s sex life causes outrage


Buhari to attend 31st AU Summit in Mauritania

  • Presidency


Plateau villagers bury their dead after

attacks, then flee


Court remands ex-minister, four others in EFCC



Man allegedly steals $2,000 from dead best friend


Bauchi Assembly confirms Katagum as Deputy



Man denies paternity of twins over wife’s failure to produce umbilical cords


World Cup exit: Super Eagles depart Russia in trickles


Five police charged with activists murders


Fire erupts in 12th floor of London highrise building


NBA unveils 2018 Conference logo, says 2019

elections top on agenda


We will arrest those who burned Bodija station,

Ajimobi vows


We did not sack Delta Line workers – Okowa


FG inaugurates committee on welfare policy for civil servants


Putin-Trump summit to have limited impact on

Russia – U.S. ties Experts


Another trailer, fuel tanker collides on Suleja-Minna road


Expert advises governments on fire prevention in buildings


Offa robbery: Don’t distract Police investigation,

citizens tell Monarch


Nollywood masterpiece Fantastic Numbers premieres in Abuja


Five killed, several injured in Maryland newsroom shooting


Plateau massacre: NANS condemns incessant

killings, demands justice


Final group tables at 2018 FIFA World Cup


Unfreeze Nyako’s account unconditionally, court tells EFCC


Kogi to implement action plan for UN resolution


PCN sealed off 378 pharmacy outlets in Osun


APC will grow stronger after convention ‘ Yobe party chieftain


PDP, Fayose accuses INEC Commissioner, two directors of plotting to rig Ekiti poll for APC


Kogi to implement action plan for UN resolution


School feeding programme: Taraba to refund over N22m unclaimed funds to FG


More attacks in Southern Kaduna, Middle Belt states coming, CAN warns


PANDEF condemns killings in Plateau State


NACOMYO warns against instigation of religious, ethnic conflicts


NASFAT chief missioner, others for Carter Center Human Rights Forum in US


Stay away from secret cults, exam malpractice,

MUTAN chief advises students


Give Nigeria a people’s constitution, Agbakogba, Brigs, Sonny Kuku, Balewa, others tell FG


PDP Reps caucus backs US over Plateau killings


INEC will determine Nigerians’ fate in 2019 ‘Abaribe


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Gov Ifeanyi Okowa Is An Enviable Politician – Dr Chris Okobah

Dr. Ifeanyi  Okowa   is an enviable politician , today this humble , calm intelligent man is the governor of one of the most complex state in the country . His story is motivating and encouraging . Every young person should strive to  “Create the highest, grandest vision possible for himself , because you become what you believe”

I want to focus on what he has done as a the governor of Delta State

Though it seems safe to infer that this is not the best time to be a governor, the worst been a governor of oil-rich Delta State, due to its heterogeneity.

Dr. Ifeanyi  Okowa became the Governor of the State on May 29 2015 . The hard-up tenant looks up to him as one that would underwrite his rent arrears immediately after it expires l. A pastor that operates in a rented apartment believes that Dr. Okowa would fund the building of a permanent church in the city centre. Couples also are tempted to resist family-planning option because of the assumption that a man who would settle hospital bills is in the Government House, Asaba. Can you believe this?

Have the  governor met the huge expectations of Deltans?

Only a few would give a negative or passive answer to this question because this man has exceeded all expectations , he has translated his electoral promises to reality. After all, he was long bestowed the chieftaincy title, “Ekwueme” which translates literally as “promise-keeper”  in spite of  the failure of his party to form government at the centre and dwindling oil revenue as major setbacks.

With PDP failure at the centre, there is a pressure for the governor to rehabilitate almost every ‘returnee’ politician to Asaba at the expense of resolving the huge infrastructural decay and the unemployment time-bomb. Beside these challenges, ethnic mistrust and keeping the workforce happy are always sources of concern. Despite the drawbacks, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa was able to  raise the bar of performance. He tried to accommodate all the retrenched politicians and find a job for them in the state . The governor  also tries to  meet the yearnings of the masses. This is where the quagmire rests such that the choice between the devil and the deep blue sea becomes a difficult call. It is the ability to make the thorny decision in tandem with the aspirations of the majority of Deltans that has reassured his strength.

Dr Ifeanyi Okowa  inherited about N636 billion debt which includes contractual obligation, yet , Dr Okowa who’s motto is , Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace” was still able to navigate the affairs of the state to an enviable status.

What else can we say about this indefatigable leader , administrator , and compassionate man who is a gift to Deltans.

We owe him just one important appreciation  and that is a return to the state house.

Thank you our Governor, we members of Legacy group say thank you and we have your back.

Chris Okobah PhD

Presidency To Probe NFF Over Reckless Spending In Russia


• Pinnick in desperate move to secure second term ticket

There were strong indications yesterday that the Presidency may have set up enquiry into the alleged ‘reckless’ spending by top officials of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) at the on-going FIFA World Cup in Russia.

The Super Eagles failed to equal their Brazil 2014 World Cup feat here in Russia, following their 1-2 defeat from the struggling South American side, Argentina, on Tuesday.

An official of the sports ministry stated in St. Petersburg yesterday that the Presidency was not happy with the ‘bad’ stories emanating from the Nigerian camp in Russia, adding that Sports Minister, Solomon Dalung had been given strict instruction to look into the various issues.

“The minister saw all these things coming even before we came to Russia. That was why he instructed the NFF to be mindful of the number of people they brought to Russia. Now the Presidency is not happy with the stories coming from here in Russia and the minister has been directed to carry out a thorough investigation into the alleged spending by the NFF in Russia,” the official said.

Meanwhile, the President of the NFF, Amaju Pinnick, was said to have embarked on a ‘desperate’ move to secure another term in office.

A source close to Pinnick yesterday stated in St. Petersburg that one of the steps he took to pacify some angry members of the NFF on Wednesday was to give his personal credit card to the Secretary General of the NFF, Mohammed Sanusi, to settle their hotel bills amounting to $30,000.

“But that is even against the financial rules because it could be used against him later, especially now that everyone in high places is against him,” the source said.

“Amaju just want to return to the football house in the August election, but I doubt if this move will save him because virtually all staff of the NFF and board members are angry with him. He always want to do everything alone, and that is not good for the system.”

All efforts to speak with Pinnick yesterday proved abortive, as he was said to have gone to officiate in another venue of the competition as a member of the FIFA organising committee.

Gov Okowa Greets The Dein Of Agbor @ 41

Okowa Greets Dein Of Agbor At 41


GOVERNOR Ifeanyi Okowa on Thursday congratulated, HRM Benjamin Ikenchuku Keagborekuzi I, Dein of Agbor Kingdom on the ocassion of his 41st birthday anniversary on Friday 29th June, 2018.


Okowa in a statement in Asaba, Thursday, signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Charles Aniagwu, commended the monarch for making Agbor kingdom peaceful and investor-friendly since he ascended the ageless throne of his forefathers decades ago.


The Governor noted that His Majesty’s ascension to the throne has brought immense development to his people noting that “Keagborekuzi is a man of reforms introduced myriad of reforms as are necessary to drive the kingdom, safe and sound, into the next millennium.


“His contributions to addressing the issues of unemployment, social deviance and value orientation among youths remains indelible leading to the establishment the Agbor Youth Learning, Development and Empowerment Centre.


“His Majesty equally instituted cultural and traditional reformes to enhance the cohesion of the kingdom, hedge up its competitiveness, raise its visibility at the national and trans-national fora, and increase its strategic relevance in the increasingly relevant traditional institution in our increasingly dynamic polity.


“On behalf of the government and people of Delta State, I warmly felicitate with HRM Benjamin Ikenchukwu I, the Dein of Agbor Kingdom on the ocassion of his 41st birthday anniversary on Friday 29th June, 2018.


The Governor joins the people of Ika Nation particularly the Agbor people in celebrating His Royal Majesty with good health, wisdom and strength to continue ruling the people of Agbor Kingdom.


Continuing; “As a bastion of culture and tradition, Dein, has played significant role in the promotion of harmony among Agbor people and their neighbours.


The Governor thanked the people of Agbor for reposing confidence on the monarch as well as giving him the needed support and cooperation since he ascended the throne.


“We pray that the Almighty God will continue to give you good health and wisdom to pilot the traditional affairs of your

kingdom and offer valuable contributions to the development of our dear Delta State,” the Governor said.

The Ekwu Eme As Our Governor – Okowa Legacy Group

The EKWU -EME  as our Governor

EKWU EME is an Ibo word meaning “Someone that does what he says.” In other words he is consistent , dependable, Trustworthy and reliable person . That is exactly who our Governor is .

The key to being “a real mensch” is nothing less than character, rectitude, dignity, a sense of what is right, responsible, decorous.  It is not easy to bestow Ekwueme on someone unless the person has been tested and trusted. One can only be sanctified an Ekwueme when he or she has been tested over a period of time.

A man that is adjudged as Ekwueme either by a title or as reverence must be of impeccable character and have integrity.  When there are mountains, he meanders and navigates through the rugged terrain to get to the enabling environment where the promise made can be fulfilled.

That is exactly the best adjective  to qualify  our Governor  Doctor Ifeanyi Okowa .

Governor Okowa has navigated the rugged political terrain from the position of Secretary and a Local Government Chairman through three-time commissioner, Secretary to the State Government (SSG), and Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the present day as the governor of Delta State.

Governor Okowa’s bright success is a clear manifestation of his enduring integrity. It is not my intention to dwell on my own assessment of Governor Okowa, but to sum up what members of Okowa Legacy Group  have said about the Ekwueme, his government’s open door policy and strong commitment to one Delta.

Governor  Okowa is a visionary leader, a listening governor and a craftsman. He  is a man of integrity.

Governor Okowa  is a visionary leader that has embarked on equitable distribution of political appointments across the three senatorial districts of Delta State. Okowa is a detribalised leader whose prosperity for all Deltans mantra is on course.

It is interesting to state that the three  Senatorial District of Delta State are all treated equally by this detribalized Governor . committed leader.

The trails of encomium, attestation and commendation continued as testimonies on Governor Okowa’s integrity and his avowed commitment to the fulfillment of his campaign promises.

Governor Okowa is an administrator that has scientific approach to governance. The succinct assessment is that Governor Okowa’s administrative style is all about precision.  Therefore the governor has control of what he says (promises) and what he does.

Furthermore, Governor Okowa has a scientific approach  , mistakes, errors and wastages are strictly controlled as against what was prevalent in the past . This is true because Okowa has changed the way business is done in Delta State . Governor Okowa is doggedly developing Delta State in line with his campaign promises .

As we Deltans are blessed with a courageous , dependable, Trustworthy and reliable Governor, we want yo keep him for another four years

We in Okowa Legacy Group say, in Okowa we trust

Chris Okobah PhD

Oshiomhole, Watch Your Mouth – Delta State PDP





We read with dismay and disappointment, some recent comments credited to former Edo State Governor and now National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Mr. Adams Oshiomhole, in which he openly expressed his ultimate personal ambition to unseat His Excellency, Governor Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa of Delta State and take over the State for APC by every means possible.


Oshiomhole was quoted as saying that: “One of my principal reasons for accepting to run for the National Chairmanship of our great party is because I want to pay back Gov Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State in his own coins. Earlier in 2016 he used Delta State money to fight me in order to install his party in my State, in 2019, I will be fighting, knocking and even biting him with Federal government might to ensure that PDP dies a natural death in Delta State.”


The veracity of the above ‘threat’ was confirmed by Governor Okowa himself, during his quarterly media briefing with newsmen in Asaba, who cautioned former Comrade Oshiomhole and indeed other politicians and political parties not to make comments that have the potential of heating up the polity and advised that that Nigerians should not be divided because of politics.


We join our Governor and Leader in the believe that former Comrade Oshiomole is playing politics just as we in the PDP and indeed any other political party have the right to play politics, but we also want to emphatically re-echo the advice Governor Okowa gave to Oshiomhole and other politicians which is that there must be decorum in our politics and we must be cautious in the language that we use as they should be decent.


We believe, like our governor stressed that politicians should address issues instead of personalizing their ambitions for it is only when issues are addressed that the people will have an opportunity to make their choices. We should as politicians try to be civil in our approach to politics because that is the way it ought to be and it is on this basis that we are warning former Comrade Adams Oshiomhole to watch his comments and utterances, especially as they concern Delta State and our Governor and Leader, Senator (Dr.) Ifeanyi Okowa.


Former Comrade Oshiomhole’s attacks on our Governor is not new to us in the Delta PDP, as he has not hidden his inferiority complex whenever he has had an opportunity to reference Delta State and Governor Okowa in his comments. However, we had expected that his delusional tendencies would have been greatly tempered with his ‘arrangee’ elevation to the leadership of his dysfunctional and inept All Progressives Congress. How wrong we were!


There is a popular saying that morning often reveals the nature of the day ahead and that no matter how much you wash the nose of a dog it will still be black, thus we are not particularly surprised that former Comrade Oshiomhole has quickly reverted to his crude, unstable, pugnacious, distasteful and abrasive manner in another futile effort to engage Governor Okowa in his puerile belligerence and to drag our dear Governor into his ghetto politics rhetoric.


Like we have said in our previous responses to his mundane diatribes and infantile provocations, this his recent comments are merely another manifestation of his penchant to further delude himself with the reckless and hallucinating pronouncements. But we also recognize the fact that with his recent elevation as the Czar of a brutish, inhumane, clueless, inept and heartless party like APC, the proverbial wicked animal has now been given horns and the teeth of a dangerous political shark has now been further sharpened to fight, knock and bite with the Federal Government might as Oshiomhole himself has graphically promised.


It is indeed a sad reflection of the political immaturity and emptiness of the APC that the major pre-occupation of a man who has been elevated to highest leadership office in their party is how to deploy the money and might of the Federal Government to settle a score in a vendetta like manner that smacks of malice and dangerous intentions. This very open threat is a challenge that the Delta PDP is not going to take lightly.


We are happy that His Excellency, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa has displayed his usual admirable articulation and intellectual savvy like the true statesman he is, in responding to Oshiomhole’s uncouth and banal provocation. Indeed our leader is a brand of model leadership, administrative excellence, progressive astuteness, and cosmopolitan swagger. This superior persona, complemented with his unblemished clarity and understanding of modern political realities and governance methodologies, has ensured that our own Ekwueme continues to wax with greater relevance and burgeoning influence on the political landscape and this is apparently just too much for former Comrade Oshiomhole to comprehend and accept.


As for his empty boast of unseating PDP in Delta State in 2019, we wish to inform former Comrade Adams Oshiomhole as we have always done, that in addition to his political savvy, sophistication and leadership acumen, Governor Okowa has now embellished his exceptional credentials by perfecting the systematic skills on how to manage diverse and complex ethno-cultural situations both in politics and the economy, create jobs for the teeming youth population, pay salaries regularly to workers, even in the face of harsh financial realities created by the woeful APC Federal Government, build quality and enduring infrastructure like schools, roads, bridges spread evenly across the three senatorial zones in the State, formulate and initiate progressive developmental policies for effective and collective sectoral growth and indeed ensure prosperity for his people, through the well-articulated S.M.A.R.T Agenda in Delta State. All these and more are the ingredients with which the PDP will campaign in 2019 and pitched against the APC which has nothing to offer and has offered nothing to Deltans, even the federal might Oshiomhole has boasted with, will fail woefully in Delta State.


Nigerians are not fools anymore and they will no longer be deceived. We are all living witnesses today to the reality that Nigeria is even worse off than it was in 2015. We are a Country that is in mourning every day as the massive deaths of Nigerians continue on a daily basis with reckless impunity. APC has failed completely as a political party and has battered Nigerians in the most terrible and unforgivable way possible. Nigerians have never had it so bad and in the midst of all these untold hardship and unexpected suffering, we have all realized that we made a grave mistake in 2015.


While we join our National Chairman and NWC to congratulate former Comrade Oshiomhole as the new National Chairman of APC, we are even more confident now that his emergence has made it easier now for us to coast home to victory and reclaim our mandate in 2019. We will trounce him and his federal might convincingly in Delta State and work assiduously with the rest of our party men and women to dethrone and retire the old, flailing and frail leadership drawing us backwards and the ill-thinking empire of ethno-centrists and megalomaniacs suffocating Nigeria and Nigerians in 2019.


Long Live PDP


God Bless Delta State.


Dr. Ifeanyi Michael Osuoza

State Publicity Secretary

PDP, Delta State.