PDP Sent Me To Jail, APC Released Me – Chief James Ibori

‘PDP sent me to jail, APC released me’ – Ibori plans defection


August 31, 2018


About 7,000 members of the Peoples Democratic party (PDP) in Delta State, including two aides of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, have dumped the party for the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state.


The decampees, mainly from Oleh community and its environs in Isoko South local government area of the state, defected alongside Mr Lucky Arumare, Special Assistant to the Governor on Youths and Community Development, Mrs. Uyoyou Edhekpo, Special Assistant to the Governor on Women Mobilization.

They based their decision to dump the party on alleged high handedness, and continued imposition of candidates by the leadership of the party, alleging that the PDP as a party portends “evil with fake ideologies”.


At the Oleh primary school ground where the decampees formally announced their exit from the PDP on Thursday evening, they vowed to mobilize against PDP in the state and the local government area, adding that their defection from the PDP was an indication of victory for the APC.

Receiving the defectors, the state chairman of the APC, Prophet Jones Erue boasted that Governor Okowa will be shown the way out during the 2019 general election, alleging that there has been decay in infrastructure, and under development in the state in the past three years.


According to him, “Governor Okowa is serious apology to Delta State. He will be shown the way out from Government House by Delta people through their votes. The people have concluded to enthrone an APC government come 2019 in Delta State. PDP has nothing to offer to the people of Delta State”.


Arumare, former aide to Governor Okowa, who spoke to journalists on behalf of the others, alleged that PDP operates as a “cult group”, adding that members who are not part of the “cult group” were not recognized in the scheme of things.

He said, “We have dumped PDP. We will not go back to the party that operates like a cult group. We were tired and moved into light where we can pursue our political career. We will shock the party come 2019 with our votes. APC has transparent ideologies we will operate with”.


Meanwhile, sources close to Chief James Ibori , a two-time former governor of the state hinted that all was now set for him to dump PDP for APC in the next few days, as a source who did not want to be mentioned in the print, quoted Ibori as saying: “PDP send me to jail, APC released me. We are taking steps very soon”.

APC NEC’s Decision On Mode Of Primary Election


August 31, 2018 – The 30th August, 2018 resolution of the All Progressives Congress (APC) National Executive Committee (NEC) on the mode of the Party’s Primary Election has been subject to different and misleading interpretations.


We wish to make the following clarifications on NEC’s resolutions:


Primary Elections into all elective offices shall be by the Direct and Indirect Election or by Consensus. The use of the Direct and Indirect Primaries shall however depend on the peculiarity and need of a given State.


In each case, the State Executive Committee (SEC) shall in consultation with candidates and other critical stakeholders of the Party in a given State identify and forward for the consideration and approval by the National Working Committee (NWC) for the mode of election to be adopted.


The adopted mode shall now be applied to all categories of the Party’s Primary Elections i.e. State Assembly, Senate, House of Representatives and for the Governorship Elections.


The request for the selection of mode of election must be signed by majority of the Executive Committee in attendance at the meeting where such resolution is reached.

NEC resolved to adopt the Direct Primary option for the Presidential Primary.




Mr. Yekini Nabena

Ag. National Publicity Secretary

As Leadership Crisis Deepens In Rwanda



Her Only Crime Was To Run For Presidency Against DICTATOR @PaulKagame. She Was Quickly Arrested, Charged For Incitement. Her Mother Was Arrested. Their Family Business And Property Was Seized By Government. And Now She Faces 20years In Jail.


The world is SILENT.


Dictatorship Whether In Rwanda,Kenya, Uganda  Or Anywhere Else Must Be A Thing Of The Past In This Era! #FreeDianeRwigara


I call On Our Youths To Stand Up.


This Is Africa, A Continent Where Evil Reigns Supreme.


I Am The UNDISPUTED Comr Oriabioje Onyebike Destiny, And I Say AFRICA And AFRICANS Must Be Liberated!

Emmanuel Uduaghan, From Delta To Daura. Matters Arising – E A Uzumnism



Part One.


EA Uzumnism.



Often times a lot of People  find it very difficult  to place issues in perspective especially in interesting times like where we are in today’s Nigeria. Research has shown it’s due to political  partisanship, supposed respect for political leadership, fear of the unknown or complacency.


Fortunately a sizeable audience is out of that realm of mediocrity in doing what is expected  of an individual in trying  times.


Echoes of His Excellency former governor (Delta State) Emmanuel Uduaghan’s defection has been trickling in before now and my take is that there’s hardly a rumor without an element of truth in Nigeria.  It’s a matter of time. He has a right to belong wherever he wants to.  His freedom of association has the needed elasticity as enshrined in our Constitution. Painfully, I must as well state that idealism is dead and buried in our democracy.


Emmanuel  Uduaghan’s name cannot be taken out of the leaders of modern Nigeria and Delta because in all fairness he had an opportunity to serve and he served. How well he served is left for Deltans to judge.  From the administration  of HE  Chief James Ibori  he served in very critical positions, making and implementing policies.  At the twilight of that  administration he was the defacto Governor though in the capacity of an SSG.  I am sure most if us were witnesses to history  on what happened at Ogwashi Ukwu where sacrifices were made for him to serve as Governor.


Gov  Uduaghan served as Governor for two terms in 8yrs.  He served with Federal might on his side,  he served unsupervised,  he served in oil boom, he served with super support from his superiors and subordinates. The Party PDP stood with him.


There were issues within and outside the party  but were resolved in the collective interest of all.


Let us agree without conceding  that he is being marginalized,  discriminated upon,  probed and hounded. The above never happened and this gave rose to three questions that are calling for answers.


  1. What can Uduaghan  not sacrifice in the interest of a Party that gave him the opportunity to immortalise his name forever?

  2. What is the legacy and ideology behind this shameful conduct within 48months outside Govt. house?

  3. Does he understand that his defection has corroborated all words, actions, insinuations and print in bold that he was never a leader rather an opportunist?

Personally, this action calls for sober reflection.  The worry within sane section of our polity  is the negative legacy of desperation,  wickedness,  unforgiving spirit,  envy and crass irresponsibility on the part of leadership.


Physically and spiritually Gov  Okowa will triumph over the arms of men.  Take this to the Bank.


I will not  go the Oshiomhole way spewing lies of not loosing sleep rather I maintain that much as his exit is a pain and great loss,  it’s better that he exited so our Party will better appreciate contributory and collective leadership than moles or wolves in sheep’s clothing.


Watch out for part II.

APC Proposes #55Million For Presidential Form

Primaries: APC proposes N55m for presidential form

…N22.5m for guber, N8.5m for Senate


NEC rejects proposals

Party adopts direct primary for presidency, leaves others open



The National Working Committee (NWC) of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has proposed N55 million for the nomination and expression of interest forms for its presidential ticket. Also, the national leadership of the ruling party proposed N22.5 million for its governorship ticket. However, the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the party has rejected the proposals, as the NWC was asked to go and review the proposition downward. In the proposal, the nomination form for the presidency costs N50 million, while the expression of interest form goes for N5 million. For the governorship ticket of the party, the nomination fee costs N20 million, while the expression of interest form cost N2.5 million. Also, other nomination and expression of interest forms for elective offices were reviewed upward.




For the Senate, the party proposed N7.5 million for nomination form and N1 million for expression of interest form whereas the nomination form was bought for N3 million and expression of interest form for N300,000 in 2014. In the proposal, the party’s NWC recommended N3.5 million for the nomination form and N350,000 for expression of interest form for the House of Representatives. In 2014, aspirants purchased same for N2 million and N200,000 respectively. For House of Assembly, the NWC proposed N1 million for nomination form and N100,000 for expression of interest form unlike in 2014 when the forms were bought for N500,000 and N50,000 respectively. In 2014, the nomination and expression of interest forms for the presidential ticket was N27.5 million, while that of governorship was N5.5 million. Speaking with journalists after the 6th NEC meeting in Abuja yesterday, Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau said that the NWC was asked to go and review the fee downward. Lalong also said the APC has adopted direct primary for the selection of its presidential candidate for the 2019 election. The party also opted for a flexible method for the conduct of its primaries for the states for the selection of its governorship, senatorial and other elective positions.


These were the positions of the party after NEC. President Muhammadu Buhari, so far, is the only aspirant that has signified interest in the party’s presidential ticket. The direct primary is likely to be a mere formality for President Muhammadu Buhari on September 19. Briefing journalists after the meeting, Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau state, said that the NEC resolved that the National Working Committee (NWC) should fix the cost of the nomination forms. The meeting, that started by 11:20a.m. when President Muhammdu Buhari arrived, ended at 3:30p.m. The President left midway into the meeting, leaving the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo behind.


The governor stated that the N21 million proposed by the NWC for the nomination forms was not agreed to by all NEC members, as the NWC members were asked to go back and review the opinion of NEC on the matter. Lalong said: “About two or three things were discussed. First, the document on the guidelines for the election; the mode of elections and, of course, the mode of funding and the necessity for unity within the party after the gale of defections. “On the issue of defection, the party unanimously agreed that it was not affected us much, but has tightened the party more. “On the mode of election, we all agreed that for presidential election, we are going for direct primaries, but for other elections, there are two options. But the general option is that we go for indirect primary


. “But any state that has a problem and wants to deviate from that is at liberty to write following the normal process with a resolution from their state executive seeking approval for a deviation from the agreed process. “In the sequence of election, it was directed back to the NWC to look at the comments that were made and within those comments, address them in line with the Electoral Act and bring out a timetable for the sequence of election. The NEC has been given that power.” Lalong added: “On the issue of funding, a standing Committee was set to look at the proper funding for party generally.




“The constitution of the party provides for either direct or indirect primaries or consensus. But for the presidential election, we all agreed to adopt the direct option. “Also, a recommendation was made by NWC which was accepted that all the states should adopt the indirect mode of election. But there may be circumstances where it may be difficult in some of the states, looking at their peculiarities. “If there are such difficulties, the state will now apply following due process after their stakeholders’ agreement, signed and adopted by simple majority of the party and the state executive, which will now be sent to the NWC for approval.”


On automatic ticket for governors and legislators, he said: “We didn’t discuss the issue of automatic ticket. But we discussed that patriotic and loyal members should be rewarded, but not necessarily with automatic tickets. “Some of our senators who are patriotic who were supposed to be taken away were all kept. We asked all the states to look at it and we find a way to reward them. But for the election, the option is given to everybody to face election. So, there was nothing like automatic ticket for anybody. “We debated the cost of nomination and left it to the NWC to take into consideration some of the views expressed and come out with a reasonable figure. Any figure they bring out will be acceptable and we don’t need to come back to NEC to ratify it.” In attendance at the meeting were the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Mr. Boss Mustapha

2019 Elections Will Be Free, Fair And Credible. President Buhari Assures U. K Prime Minister



President Muhammadu Buhari Wednesday in Abuja assured the UK Prime Minister Theresa May of his commitment to conducting free, fair and credible elections in 2019.


In a bilateral meeting with the visiting Prime Minister, President Buhari welcomed UK’s support at strengthening democratic institutions in the country.


‘‘I assure you that I’m all out for free, fair and credible elections. I’m very pleased that my party is doing very well. The High Commissioner will brief you more. The recent successes in polls in Katsina, Bauchi, and Kogi have boosted our morale greatly.


‘‘Nigeria has accepted multiparty democracy and that is putting politicians on their toes, forcing them to work harder,’’ he said.


On the anti-corruption campaign, the President applauded the British support to the country, noting that the success of the fight was very important to ordinary people in the country.


“We had great opportunities and resources between 1999 and 2014, due to high oil prices. But when we came in 2015, oil prices plunged to as low as 37 dollars per barrel.


‘‘What we have been doing since 2015 is to focus on infrastructure development, despite low earnings. Work is ongoing in roads, rail, power, and many others.”


On Brexit, President Buhari noted that it provides an opportunity to strengthen the historic ties between Nigeria and the United Kingdom.


‘‘We are nervously watching the development about Brexit because we know that the relationship had been on for a long time.  I assure you that I am prepared to strengthen the relationship between our two countries.’’


The President also thanked the UK government for the support on security and the fight against insurgency in the North Eastern part of Nigeria, as well as the improved trade relations between both countries.


‘‘I am very grateful to the British government under you leadership for the help in security, particularly your training team that is in our institution in Kaduna,’’ he said.


Earlier, in remarks before the bilateral meeting, the Nigerian leader underscored the need for UK support on reviving of Lake Chad, which is a means of livelihood for millions of people.


The President told the visiting Prime Minister that Europe and China were already conducting an in-depth study on recharging the Lake through inter-basin transfer from the Central African Republic.


In her remarks, Prime Minister May, who welcomed the assurance by the Nigerian government on credible elections in 2019, said she was pleased to be in Abuja to continue the ‘‘excellent discussions’’ she started with President Buhari in London in April, this year, particularly on security, trade, asset recovery and the fight against corruption.


‘‘Security and defence cooperation are very important steps to address Boko Haram and Islamic State in West Africa,’’ May said.


On asset recovery, the Prime Minister told President Buhari: ‘‘we do not want to hold anything that belongs to Nigeria people, but we follow the judicial process, which can be slow.’’


The Prime Minister appealed to President Buhari to use his position as ECOWAS Chair to keep the issue of human trafficking on the front burner in the sub-region.


President Buhari and Prime Minister May witnessed the signing of two agreements: Security and Defence Partnership and Economic Development Forum Agreement.


Femi Adesina

Special Adviser to the President

(Media & Publicity)

I Never Endorsed Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru As Consensus Candidate For 2019 Delta Gubernatorial Contest – Uduaghan



The attention of His Excellency, the Immediate Past Governor of Delta State and 2019 Senatorial Hopeful, Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan has been drawn to a news report on Premium Times Online news medium of Wednesday 29, August 2018 credited to him wherein it was reported that Dr. Uduaghan boasted that Chief Great Ogboru would be the flagbearer of the Party in the 2019 gubernatorial election.


The general public, especially the APC family in Delta state should please disregard the said report as it is a malicious reel of lies geared towards spoiling the new relationship between Dr. Uduaghan and his new party members.


While it is a fact that the former Governor was one of the chieftains who attended the National Caucus meeting of the All Progressives congress (APC) on Tuesday evening, it is not true that the Party Chairman, His Excellency, Adams Oshiomhole held a private meeting with Dr. Uduaghan where he tasked him with fielding Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru as the consensus candidate for the 2019 Delta gubernatorial election.


Dr. Uduaghan would also like to inform the public that no such endorsement was made throughout the duration of the National Caucus meeting.


It is no longer news that Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan is now a member of the ruling APC after successfully decamping from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). A decision that mischief makers are still losing sleep over. This is just one of their ploys to spoil his welcome party to our great party. As a grounded politician, he knows the implications of tinkering with party’s internal democracy and would not want to get involved with such sensitive issues. He is, however, concerned with settling into his new party and contributing his quota towards deepening democracy and the party structure in Delta state and the Niger Delta region.


Instead of relying on hearsays that are capable of misleading the general public, we urge journalists to always make verification before pushing stories or news reports to the general public.


Monoyo Edon,

Media Assistant to His Excellency, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, Immediate Past Governor of Delta State and 2019 APC Delta Senatorial Hopeful

President Buhari, Osinbajo, Tinubu, Others Attends Crucial APC NEC Meeting

Buhari, Osinbajo, Tinubu, Others Attend Crucial APC Nec Meeting.


President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo are some of the attendees of the National Executive Committee meeting of Nigeria’s ruling party, APC.

The meeting is currently ongoing at the APC secretariat in Abuja.

President Buhari arrived the meeting at 11:19 a.m., after Vice President Osinbajo and other stakeholders arrived.


Among the earlier arrivals was former Lagos State governor, Bola Tinubu.

Thursday’s meeting will, among others, address the type of primaries to be adopted by the APC to select its candidates for the 2019 general elections.


Some senators on Wednesday told The Campaigner Online they could leave the APC if the party adopts indirect primaries, favoured by some governors.

The senators said they fear governors would use the indirect delegates system to ensure only their favoured aspirants emerge pary candidates.

PDP Presidential Aspirants Meets, Signs MOU………………………. See Reasons Why, Full Details Inside

PDP Presidential Aspirants Meet, Sign MOU To Support Whoever Wins The Primaries


PDP presidential aspirants yesterday met with the party’s National Chairman Prince Uche Secondus at Transcorp Hilton and signed memorandum of understanding to support whoever wins in a free and fair primaries.


Atiku,Tambuwal,Dankwambo,Kwankwaso and others were present.